Friday Five: Andrew Lezala

Andrew Lezala - Chief Executive Officer

Metro Trains Melbourne


1. What do you do in a nutshell? I run Metro Trains Melbourne. My role is in three main chunks
1. to ensure that we have the right strategy for the business, the right resources, policies and processes in place and that these are used to great effect.
2. to inspire the team to go the extra mile is the leadership challenge.
3. to keeping the Customer, media and shareholders on side

2. What inspired you to become an engineer?  I wanted to know how things worked and my Dad worked with engines.

3. How do engineers change the world? We build the world of tomorrow whilst maintaining the world of today. We facilitate the future. Engineers have created everything in the modern world except the world itself.

4. What do you wish you would have known as a graduate?  To be confident in my own judgement and to not be put off by older people who just didn't want change.

5. What is your favourite engineering innovation? Synthetic rubber and toughened glass are the two best engineered materials, between the two of them we can have modern transport and shelter.


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