Friday Five: Angela Ogier

Angela Ogier - Manager Supply Planning and Optimisation

Santos GLNG


1. What do you do in a nutshell? I run a team of analysts who develop the long term supply plans for the GLNG LNG Plant in Gladstone.  We undertake analysis that allows Santos to decide which projects Santos and their partners should invest in to supply gas for the LNG Plant.

2. What inspired you to become an engineer?  My grandfather used to take me up to the dams above Auckland to show me the water reservoirs that kept Auckland running.  I was always fascinated by the size of the construction, how the water go to our house and what it took to build the dam.

3. How do engineers change the world? I think the question should be: what would we do without engineers?  Engineers have saved more lives than doctors through providing safe water, safe cars and safe food.  Engineers provide access to society through roads, telecoms and other infrastructure.  This is a huge contribution to development and ‘changing the world’.

4. What do you wish you would have known as a graduate?  Communication and soft skills are far more important than calculus.  Being good at analysis gets you in the door, but if you can’t explain your analysis in convincing terms then your analysis won’t influence.  Learn how to actively listen and communicate effectively.

5. What is your favourite engineering innovation? I love IKEA.  The supply chain behind the flat pack furniture chain is second to none.  IKEA has a strong continuous improvement culture of driving down cost and maintaining quality that other manufacturers have failed to master.


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