Friday Five: Richard K C Lau

Richard K C Lau - Project Manger

Hyder Consulting


1. What do you do in a nutshell? I am a Technical director ina consultign engineering firm, responsible for electrical and mechanical services for buildings, particularly transport insfrastructures such as road and rail tunnels, metro stations, industrial establishments etc

2. What inspired you to become an engineer?  I was curious about how things work.

3. How do engineers change the world? Engineers provided practical solutions to solve daily problems or to deliver ways that improved our lives, in many aspects.

4. What do you wish you would have known as a graduate?  That most engineers woudl not make a fortune like bankers, financiers or crooks.

5. What is your favourite engineering innovation? My favourite innovation is the use of mobile communication, be it phones or tablets. It make vast amount of information instantly available and people can communicate almost instantly.


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