Australian YM Profile: Amy Lezala

Amy Lezala

Role: PTA Project Engineer

Company: Bombardier Transportation

Location: Brisbane

Institution Roles & Duration:

  • Oceania Young Member Section Chair 2015 - Present
  • Australia Young Member Section Chair 2013 - Aug 2015
  • Australia Panel Member 2012 – present
  • UK Railway Division Young Member Section 2009 - 2011


  1. How did you get involved with the Institution?

    In 2009 I was wondering what I could do to promote the Engineering Profession and meet others in the industry. A good friend of mine was involved in the IMechE UK Railway Division Young Member Section and he told me what he was doing and how much fun it was. I was intrigued. The rest is history.

  2. What is your day job?

    As the Project Engineer for rolling stock I am responsible for ensuring the vehicle design meets the contractual and legal performance requirements as well as managing the Engineering deliverables for the Project.

  3. What keeps you busy outside your day job?

    I am an adventurist. My friends and I love challenging each other to the weird and wonderful; hula hoop classes and 'sip & paint' nights are two of the more successful ideas we have had. Dancehall classes were maybe a stretch too far.

    When I am not intentionally making myself look foolish I am exploring the world. I am a third-culture kid who will never stop travelling.

    I have invested a lot of time and money into the music industry, either playing at home or watching others on stage. I am an F1 nut.

  4. Most exciting project you have worked on?

    The most exciting project from a learning perspective would have to be Maintenance Engineering for the Class 222 fleet in the UK, purely because I had the opportunity to crawl around the trains when I needed to learn about something. The most exciting and challenging project has been delivering the RAMS for the new Queensland NGR vehicles as it was a great responsibility with wide exposure to areas outside of Engineering. This really helped my development towards Engineering Management.

  5. What kind of project would you like to work on?

    A project with clear goals and an enthusiastic team, working to deliver a world-leading passenger rolling stock solution. It has to be fun!

  6. What do you see as the engineering challenge for the future?

    The engineering challenge for the future will be to find the most effective use of new technology given the speed at which it is developing. We need a lot of pragmatic engineers to make the extensive research accessible for public consumption.

  7. What does being part of the Institution mean to you?

Being part of the Institution is very important to me. Promoting my profession makes me proud of my work, of my colleagues and of what we can achieve as Engineers. I also learn so much from others through the networks of the Institution. The Institution provides an environment of support and encouragement to develop the soft skills I will need in my workplace. This gives me the tools to be the best that I can be when career opportunities come along.

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