Australian YM Profile: Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Role: Field Engineer

Company: Schlumberger

Location: On rigs around Australia!

Institution Roles & Duration:

  • Queensland Young Member Representative, 1 year


  1. How did you get involved with the Institution?

    I had actually heard quite a bit about it but only became heavily involved after I was a part of the Speak Out for Engineering Competition. It was actually an awesome experience! I was blessed enough to win the state, national and international levels for that competition in 2011, and that was my main introduction to the team and the people behind IMechE

  2. What is your day job?

    I am a field engineering in the drilling and measurement section of Schlumberger. Essentially that means I am a FIFO engineer on oil and gas rigs around the country, working on directional wells. It is a blast!

  3. What keeps you busy outside your day job?

    A fair few things. From the engineering point of view, I love motorsport (watching and participating) - mad F1 fan, football (the round kind), and to be honest, the field life has me besotted with the great outdoors. On a different scale, I also run an organisation called Youth Without Borders so am heavily involved in community and advocacy work around culturally and linguistically diverse people, women (and particularly attracting them to technical fields) and youth. I am also a sucker for current affairs, a good yarn and a loud laugh!

  4. Most exciting project you have worked on?

    As a field engineer I have been lucky enough to be on the operation side of many technically awesome wells.  I have really enjoyed the really high tech in-seam drilling that I have been a part of, some worth many million dollars. I can't share too much due to commercial sensitivities, but it has been awesome.

  5. What kind of project would you like to work on?

    Oh, I am looking forward to working on more and more complex and interesting engineering projects - to be honest, I am such an early stage in my career though that everything is exciting! Projects that have an obvious, tangible and beneficial impact on the people and communities around them though is something I am definitely keen on. A game-changer would be pretty fun as well :).

  6. What do you see as the engineering challenge for the future?

    Oh for me, energy is definitely the engineering challenge of the future. How we will manage the increased levels of demand around the world? How will developing countries continue to develop while also working to be more sustainable, how can we all move towards being more sustainable, in a realistic and engineeringly-sound manner? The challenge is immense, but not insurmountable and it is this generation of engineers that must tackle it. I can't wait!

  7. What does being part of the Institution mean to you?

It is the opportunity to be a part of an amazing mechanical engineering community, and a society that has an awesome legacy attached to it. Not only do I have peers I can share experiences with, but I can also (and do!) learn so much from other members in the chapters. I feel honoured to be able to be part of this network and look forward to continue being involved for years to come!

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