The Voice of the members

During the month of April, we asked you all to participate in an online survey to tell us what you wanted us to do for you here in the Benelux.  The questionnaire asked som broad questions about the IMehcE, its importance locally and internationally and your relationship with the branch.

The results were gathered, processed and discussed at the AGM on the 5th May, and I would like to share with you the results of this survey.

Question 1

The IMechE is seen as not having a strong role in professional development, but there is a strong yes for helpping to maintain the status of the Professional Engineer.
Part 3 and 4 did not give a definate opinion.  Networking and sharing ideas was seen by most people as moderately or very important, however almost 30% of you said that being seen as changing the world is only slightly important.

Question 2

Part 1 of question 2 gave two opposite opinions, probably linked to the double emphasis in the question (maintaining status and lobbying at national and international level).  From question 1 we can assume that the extremely important response referrs to maintaining the title of professional engineer and the slightly important response is for lobbying.
Parts 2 and 3 are also a reflection of question 1 with lower emphasis on knowledge and training and networking.
Part 4 gave us a very clear message of importance about motivation of the next generation.

Question 3

Parts 1 and 2 did not give a clear opinion about the preferred content of the branch events.  Social events are seen as extremely important by some and slightly important by others.  Similarly for events highlighting other branches of engineering.
Part 3 was a strong opinion that mentoring was not seen as a strong branch activity, while maintianing an online presence, part 4,  was moderatley to very important, but not extremely important.

Question 4

As a committee we have taken note of the clear and strong message given by part 1.  Technical and interesting visits are a clear request from the members.  Similarly, technical lectures are requested by the membership.
By contrast, family events are not important.and neither is an online forum for debate ideas and topics.


As a committee we have taken note of your voice, and we will pursue a policy of events around the two themes that have made themsleves aparrant.
  1. Motivation of the next generation
  2. Interesting, technical, professional but non-educational talks and visits.

I wold like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in this questionnaire, and I would like to close by asking any member reading this who has a proposal to a visit or a speaker, please get in touch with a member of the committee.

Current and Future Events

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Looking for an event nearby? If there are no events indicated contact your local representative to exchange your ideas for forthcoming activity.

Introduction from the Chairman

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers was set up over 150 years ago to bring together a new breed of people.  People who used the new tools, technology, and science to make the world a better and more productive place.  These people found new solutions to some of the problems of their time.  The Institution's aim was to be the natural home of Mechanical Engineers.  Today, there are a new set of tools, and a whole new set of technologies and scientific methods, but the same breed of people are still here to pit their own ingenuity and skill against a new set of problems.

In Benelux we have our own part to play in this new era.  The Internet has changed the social and industrial landscape beyond recognition.  We are only half way through the second decade of this new world.  From our age profile in the graph above, it is clear that the majority of our members have only known this new world, have grown up with information overload and life moving at hyper speed.  As a branch, our goal should be to find out how to re-build, re-style and re-programme the Institution to make if still the natural home of Mechanical Engineers for the future as well as the past.

The communication revolution has brought us closer to the rest of the world, and made contact to partner organisations so much quicker and easier.  As a branch with so few members spread over three different countries, it is vital that we build and enhance the contact to these other organisations, both local to our host countries, and expatriate institutions in other branches of Engineering.

The Institution is a membership organisation, by the members, for the members, paid for by the members.  I encourage you to get involved.  There is scope for everyone to get involved and have a voice in what we do and how we use your fees to serve you the best.  Just like our ancestors 150 years ago, we have a problem that is unique to our time.  We need an innovative solution, we need Engineers.  Be part of it.

If you would like to know more about the Benelux Branch or becoming a member of the IMechE, please contact our Branch Chairman.


Paul Bennington
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