Discussion Cafe - Generations in the workplace - Event 4 - Communication and Working Methods

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11 September 2017 18:30 - 21:00
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In the fourth of the IMechE Benelux Discussion Cafes, the topic of discussion will be Communication and Working Methods.  What are the best and worst of each generations characteristics and how can each generation adapt to the new scenario that will emerge in 5 to 10 years from now?

The event flyer can be downloaded here.

The Discussion Cafe is a chance to meet, network and share your experience and opinion. This is the third in a series of events investigating the topic of

Generations in the Workplace.

The first Discussion Cafe debated the point of view of older workers. The second fosuced on younger workers. At the third, we talked about mentoring. The reports from these events are available in the links below.

Discussion Cafe 1
Discussion Cafe 2
Discussion Cafe 3

The conclusions show that older workers already have most, but not all, of the skills they need for the future. The young have knowledge that can help the old, but the process of sharing that knowledge is evolving. The older workers need to manage the knowledge gradient in both grey to green and green to grey learning.

The third Discussion Cafe went into the skills needed to manage the knowledge transfer process and what are the best practices that can help this, both for older and younger workers.

All members are welcome. Young members are especially welcome to share their point of view about this topic.

If you can't join the event, then you are still encouraged to have your say and answer the questions on the online survey, click here.

The anonymous outcome of this event will be summarised and shared with the membership.

Participation is free. Bring a friend!


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