A little light relief - Technical Lecture about the use of light in medicine

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Technical Lecture
27 October 2011 19:45 - 22:00
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This is an event organized by the Royal Society of Chemistry Belgium.

The theme of this lecture is photomedicine, an area which currently encompasses the effects of light upon the skin, diagnostic uses of light, therapies using non-laser light and the use of lasers.
The effects of light on the skin include production of Vitamin D, tanning, ageing of the skin, and the skin cancers basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, and malignant melanoma.
Luminescence is used for immunoassay, the identification of antigens that may be precursors to disease. The technique is used in testing for pregnancy at early stages by seeking the hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin, or testing for HIV. In terms of the therapeutic uses of light, Prof Phillips will describe how light is used to treat ailments such as vitiligo, psoriasis, and jaundice.
The main future of photomedicine lies in the development of photodynamic therapy (PDT), which is a minimally invasive procedure used in treating a range of infections and forms of cancer.
We can expect a fascinating and informative lecture, enlivened by some practical demonstrations. 

Phillips Poster 27 Oct 2011[1]

The Auditoire Roi Baudouin B is in the Rosalind Franklin Building on Avenue Mounier, Woluwe-St.-Lambert. An access plan can be found here. The lecture theatre is within walking distance of Alma metro station and close to other public transport. Ample free car parking is also available either on Avenue Mounier or in the Parking Mounier adjacent to Kraainem metro.


David Phillips is Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and former Dean of Sciences at Imperial College London. He also has something of a reputation as a magician, which may become apparent during his talk.....


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