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  • Event Type: Workshop
    02 May 2017 10:00 to 04 May 2017 18:00
    Haagse Hogeschool - Den Haag
    With our partner organisation the European Institute of Industrial Leadership ( we offer a 3 day workshop for Young Entrepreneures. It's an opportunity for young people to learn key skills such as effective influencing, effective networking, resource management, project management, teamworking, time management, creative problem solving, etc.
    Industry: Other Industries / Sectors
  • Event Type: Technical visit
    13 May 2017 10:00 to 14:00
    Musée royal de Mariemont - Morlanwelz
    The RSC Spring event this year is a guided tour around the Musée royal de Mariemont. The Mariemont is a dialogue between art, culture, and nature, with unique collections evoking the Orient and the Occident, the past and present, fauna and flora. We will have a two hour Anglophone guided tour around the museum followed by an (optional) lunch in the brasserie. The afternoon will be free to continue exploring the Mariemont and its surroundings.
    Industry: Cross-sector
  • Event Type: Workshop
    15 May 2017 09:00 to 16 May 2017 17:00
    Without innovation, companies die. This workshop will explore how innovation can provide the means of sustaining the company in anticipation of, and reaction to, changes in its external and internal environment. During this workshop participants will consider innovation in its many forms, and will see how different companies consider innovation from both strategic and tactical perspectives. A 2 day interactive workshop using the EIIL Masterclass inductinve learning principle.
    Industry: Cross-sector
  • Event Type: Conference
    17 May 2017 09:00 to 17:00
    The EIIL will lead a research consortium into the topic of Attracitng and Retaining Talent in Industry. Amid a growing impression that Industry is not interesting, and the competition for talent for bright young workers from more attractive employers, traditional industry has to fight hard and adapt. This is the second year of the research consortium, and the first conference in the 2017 programme.
    Industry: Cross-sector
  • Event Type: Workshop
    29 May 2017 09:00 to 30 May 2017 17:00
    Covestro - Leverkusen
    One of the principle capabilities of the future industrial leader will be his or her ability to communicate effectively. Introducing the ‘Communications Equation’ and a typical stakeholder map, this EIIL Masterclass ™ workshop explains the planning and development of a communications strategy and the targeting of key messages to each of the stakeholder groups. A 2 day workshop using the EIIL masterclass inductive learning principle.
    Industry: Cross-sector
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