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Summer 2010 has seen the formation of the first ever Icelandic Formula Student team, formed in co-operation by the University of Iceland and Keilir Institute of Technology, with the goal of designing and constructing a Formula Student car to compete at the IMechE 2011 Formula Student event at Silverstone.

Building a race car to compete in the Formula Student competition is not an easy task, and it will take a lot of effort and hard work from the students to organize the team, design the vehicle and raise enough sponsorship to put their plans into action – hopefully successful results will be seen at Silverstone next year.

Universities Involved

University of Iceland

Contact: Helgi Þór Ingason,
Professor of Project Management

Keilir Institute of Technology

Contact: Rúnar Unnþórsson,
Head of Institute of Technology

Local Interest

Icelandic engineers acknowledge the importance of sustainability and the environment, so the decision was taken to build an electric car to compete in the 2011 Formula Student Class 1A event.

Electric and low emission vehicles have received a lot of interest in the past few years in Iceland, with a number of academic, governmental and professional projects investigating a variety of related areas including feasibility studies, technical projects, conversion of standard vehicles to electric power etc. so the project is already beginning to attract a lot of interest within the country.

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For general enquiries relating to the Formula Student project in Iceland please contact:

Stuart Maxwel
Iceland Young Member Country Lead

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