Stephenson in Torino.....

I came across this historic placque in Turin recently, dedicated to our founder and first president and his son:

It's a monumental plaque dedicated by the Italians to George and Robert Stephenson on the fiftieth anniversary (1880) of the opening of the railway line Liverpool-Manchester (1830). The plate is walled in the eastern portico of the railway station of Turin Porta Nuova (Nizza street side).

The plaque is in good condition, but the surrounding wall is in a rather poor state.  The enormous Porta Nuova station is undergone a radical renovation, so hopefully this wall will be renovated soon.


Daniel Fantoni


who perfected the locomotive

opening new trade routes to the

advantage of the brotherhood of peoples on

the fiftieth anniversary of the admirable invention

Dedicated by the Italians of Turin (Italy)


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