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The Institution is supported in Canada by two Branches and two Joint Groups.  

Branches solely support the Institution’s membership in a specific location whilst Joint Groups are multi –disciplinary functions representing members from two or more engineering organisations.

The Canadian Prairies Group represents members from the Institutions of mechanical, civil, structural, engineering technology and building services engineers.  The group was established in 1994 and operates in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, the North West Territories and Nanavut.        

The Central Canada Branch was established in 1971 and represents members in Ontario and Manitoba.

Eastern Canada Branch established in 1971 and operates in Quebec, New Brunswick, New Foundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Labrador and St Pierre & Miquelon.

The Western Canada Group covers the provinces of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory plus the US states of Alaska and Washington State.    The group also represents members in the  mechanical, civil, engineering technology and structural disciplines.


Member of:

Washington Accord
Sydney Accord
Engineers Mobility Forum
Engineers Technologist Mobility Forum
Dublin Accord


We have an agreement with the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers. For more information please contact your local country representative.


Current and Future Events

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  • Event Type: Committee meeting or AGM
    17 January 2018 19:00 to 21:00
    Calgary Mill Street Brew Pub - Calgary
    The CPGCE 2017 AGM will be held on the 17th January, 2018. All registered UK Supporting Institutional Members are welcome!
    Industry: Other Industries / Sectors
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