2016 Festive Dinner and Lecture

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Annual dinner or luncheon
09 December 2016 18:30 - 21:00
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It is either bravado or hubris to predict such a sweep of progress, but using the maxim of "nothing new under the sun" I will trace my experience since completing postgraduate work at U of T in the ealry 1970s and cheerfully extrpolate from that.  Not only is medical engineering a prime example of "horizontal innovation", but it provided a basis for a career switch to oceanography and back again.  Michael Faraday provides a backdrop with his synthesis of disciplines and commentary on the received wisdom of his age.  We shall repeat his experiments which explored space travel through the natural history of the candel, demolished phlogiston theory with a bucket of ice, and ushered in Maxwell's equations with a compass, a wire and a "voltaic pile" cell.  Faraday's Christmas Lectures set the standard for a light-hearted ramble through science that should be accessible for all ages.

Festive Flyer Dec 9 2016


Frank Johnson BSc, MASC, PhD, FIET


Novotel Toronto North York
3 Park Home Avenue
North York, Ontario
M2N 6L3

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