2012 April 24 AGM - Canadian Space Robotics and Technology Transfer [VIDEO]

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24 April 2012 18:00 - 22:00
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MDA is the acknowledged world leader in space robotics. Dr. Sallaberger will give both an overview of the past, present and future space robotic work at MDA, as well as a look at how technology transfer to and from terrestrial markets is keeping this industry vibrant.

The recognized symbol of Canadian space robotic heritage is the famous ‘Canadarm’ which was used for 3 decades on the Space Shuttle. This expertise led to the current advanced MDA robots assembling and maintaining the International Space Station. MDA has also recently sent a robotic weather station to Mars, which has made some startling discoveries. With a look to the future, projects such as Mars robotic rovers, human lunar rovers, or robotic asteroid sample return missions, all of which are in development at MDA, will be highlighted.

This space robotic work has developed some very innovative robotic technologies that MDA has begun to apply in several interesting terrestrial programs. Underground mining robotics, nuclear power plant inspection robots, and robotic brain surgery are three current areas where MDA is leveraging this robotic technology that was originally developed for Canada’s space exploration programs. These terrestrial projects will be explained, as will the business benefits of spinning space robotic technologies into terrestrial markets, and vice-versa.

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Dr Christian Sallaberger Ph.D. Vice‐President & Director, Space Exploration, MDA


Novotel Toronto North York
3 Park Home Avenue
North York, Ontario
M2N 6L3

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