Caribbean Mechanical Engineering Mentor/Mentee Forum established by IMechE Pan-Caribbean Group and APETT Mechanical Division

The Pan-Caribbean Group of the IMechE has teamed up with the Association of Professional Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago (APETT) to establish a Caribbean Mechanical Engineering Mentor/Mentee Forum.

The groundwork for the forum included a meeting of the Mentors on January 15th, 2015. The aim of this meeting was to discuss how to successfully establish and maintain interactivity in the forum. Committee members of the University of the West Indies (UWI) IMechE Student Chapter were also present to share their take on the expectations of the forum.

The meeting began with a presentation by Dr. Renique Murray, APETT Mechanical Division Committee member, who shared the vision of the forum. The ensuing discussions amongst all present helped decide the way forward. Coming out of the discussions were to create a LinkedIn group forum webpage for the mentors and mentees. The webpage has already gone live and to date both mentors and mentees have made and replied to posts.

One of the driving forces behind this initiative is Dr. Chris Maharaj, (IMechE Americas Region Young Member Representative and Interim Vice-Chair of the APETT Mechanical Division). Popular posts in the forum include ‘What I love most about being a Mechanical Engineer’ and ‘Engineering Interview Questions’. The uniqueness of the forum is that the posts and the associated replies are flavoured with the context of the Caribbean region. Persons interested in this forum can contact Dr. Maharaj at

Meeting of the mentors

Article Author: Safiya Koo, 2014/2015 UWI IMechE Student Chapter Public Relations Officer.

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