Design & Build 2018 Competition

Event Summary 

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Pan-Caribbean Group (PCG) hosted its annual Design and Build (D&B) Competition on Saturday 13th October, 2018. The aim of the D&B Competition was to encourage the engineering aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) in aspiring high school students. It was also geared to give students the opportunity to interact with professionals through an efficient network on the day. In following the event’s successful inauguration on Saturday 4th March, 2017, the objective was to design and manufacture a miniature prototype of a self-propelled vehicle using household materials and stationery. These items were provided by the IMechE PCG D&B event committee on the day. A total of nine teams, consisting of professionals and high school students, each comprising of four members participated. In the end, the Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College was awarded first place, followed by the Naparima Girls’ High School and Hillview College in second and third place respectively.




Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College Auditorium


The theme for this year’s Design & Build Competition involved making a balloon powered car using household materials.


  1. Jainarine Bansee, Head Judge (IMechE PCG Vice Chairman)
  2. Vinod Sookram (Mechanical Engineer at BP)
  3. Dr. Jasmine Mannie (Lecturer at UTT)



There were ten (10) participating teams in this year’s competition including seven schools and three senior teams:

  1. Lakshmi Girls Hindu College (1st Place)
  2. Naparima Girls High School (2nd Place)
  3. Hillview College (3rd Place)
  4. Presentation College Chaguanas (Winner of Race)
  5. St. Francois Girls College
  6. Vishnu Boys Hindu College
  7. Holy Faith Convent, Couva
  8. IMechE Senior Team
  9. Qualitech Machining Services
  10. Combined Teachers Team

Much thanks and appreciation on behalf of the 2018 D&B event committee were extended to the sponsors that aided in the supply of the materials and other auxiliaries for the competition, the high school students, their teachers, parents, guardians, volunteers, fellow IMechE members and professionals. In this light, future prospects are bright for the upcoming IMechE PCG D&B Competition, 2019.

IMechE Pan-Caribbean Group Design and Build Committee Members

  1. Jason Micoo
  2. Jainarine Bansee
  3. Quin Bess
  4. Ezekiel Yorke
  5. Kiran Rampat
  6. Samantha Deoraj

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