3D Television

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13 April 2010 19:00 - 21:00
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Television has been evolving since the early 1900’s. 30 line, 405 line, 625 line, Colour and High Definition have been defining points in television’s history. The next big step for TV is for it to go 3D. With an added dimension of depth; realism and engagement for the viewer is enhanced considerably. Items can be far away, or popping out of the TV into the living room. Think of a boxing match with fists punching through the screen, or a football hurtling towards you during the penalty shoot-out, or a wildlife program shot in 3D showcasing the animal in its natural environment. 3D gives the viewer the experience as if you were actually there. With Sky launching its 3D channel in early 2010 and other broadcasters expressing interest in acquiring 3D material for future transmission, 3D is shifting from the novelty theme-park ride into the living room.


Thorpe Wood Holiday Inn,
United Kingdom

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