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The Eastern Region YMP of the IMechE currently has vacancies for members to join our Committee. The role of the Committee is to represent local Members, organise events, and liaise with our Eastern UK Universities regarding competitions and awards. We would like to develop a strong network across the Eastern region to further support our young members. The activities are not onerous, and would require an hour's attendance approximately 3-4 times a year at a convenient location.

If you would like more details regarding these vacancies, or feel that you can allocate some time to this worthy cause, please contact us!

                        Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get involved with the IMechE in my local area?

    Locally, the IMechE is represented by an Area Committee. This in parallel with the regional centres of the institution's Industrial Divisions (details at
  • What is the Area Committee?

    It is a group of volunteer members. The remit of the area Committee is the organisation of events to promote Mechanical Engineering and the IMechE in the local area.
  • What type of events?

    Mostly technical lectures or company visits. But committee members can also get involved with local schools or provide guidance to members or individuals willing to join the Institution.
  • How is the Committee organised?

    The Eastern Region Young Members Panel consists of the local area chairs in teh r Going forward we might see the value for further specific roles within the committee such as publicity or liaison with divisions and other institutions.
  • How much time does it take?

    We meet regularly, typically once a month for about 2 hours in the evening of a weekday around 19:00 . We discuss upcoming events and their organisation. The organisation of events takes only little time, typically an hour or two overall to book the venue, arrange publicity, record member bookings etc. The officers’ roles are a little more involved.
  • Who can be in the committee?

    Anyone really. The only conditions are to be a member of the Institution and a Chair of a local committee. All levels of membership are suitable, from Associate to Fellow.
  • What's in it for me?

    Committee members get prime opportunities to network with their local engineering community: speakers, local companies, fellow committee members, local members attending the events. Getting positive feedback from attending members after an event is quite rewarding too!

    Committee members also gain the experience of event organising and in the officers position a degree of management experience and financial awareness.

    Finally, committee members having not gained full membership yet will find involvement in the committee helps them achieve the required levels in competency E of the UK-SPEC standard used to judge IEng and CEng applications.

  • What about expenses?

    Time is all your involvement in the committee will cost you. All expenses occurred in committee activities will be reimbursed, including personal car mileage.
  • Sounds good, how do I join?

    Very simple. Contact our Chair and arrange to come to our next committee meeting or organised event to see for yourself what we are on about.

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