Inter-Institution Networking Event 2016

After the resounding success of London’s inaugural Inter Institution Networking Event, it returned for a second year on Thursday 28th July 2016. Engineers and Architects from the IMechE, the IOA, CIBSE, the Landscape Institute - and new additions for this year - RIBA and the FFT, congregated at Baden Powell House, South Kensington, for an evening of casual banter and mingling with like minded individuals. 

The event formally kicked off at 7pm with the attendees invited to participate in "networking bingo", i.e. seek out as many individuals as possible that fit the description on the bingo card. And this wasn't just an activity to break the ice: prizes were at stake. An assortment of beverages and confectionery was on offer to the winner. With that in mind the next 90min was a hive of meet and greets between the attendees from a range of backgrounds: students, graduates at multinational companies, Chartered engineers, and budding entrepreneurs, all whilst being washed down with the complimentary food and drink on offer. At 8.25pm exactly a 5 minute to go announcement was made, prompting a frantic flurry of last minute networking. With the bingo completed there was one task left to do: award the prizes. That marked the official conclusion of the event, though attendees were welcome to stay at their leisure.

Plans are already underway to get more Institutions to participate in the 2017 Networking Event, so watch this space.


The IMechE would like to thank Angela Lamacraft and Ellen Harrison from the Institute Of Acoustics, Vinesh Pomal from the Royal Institute of British Architects, Alex Logan from the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, Ali Cairncross from the Forum For Tomorrow and Tristram Bushby from the Landscape Institute in helping to organise and run the event.

Adam Mayall
YMP Events Organiser

Inter-Institution Networking Event 2015

After months of planning, emails, and meetings, London finally hosted its first ever Inter-Institution Networking Event on Wednesday 19th August, exclusively for Young Members in Engineering and Architecture. With over 125 guests from five institutions invited to mingle at Baden-Powell Conference House (conveniently located adjacent to the natural history museum in South Kensington) the evening was set to be a vibrant social occasion.

The event was the brainchild of Angela Lamacraft, Chair of the Institute Of Acoustics Young Members Group, who thought it was a shame that nothing similar existed in London after she attended one in Manchester a few years ago (damn right - can't have London being upstaged by the North ;) And so the plan was set in motion: gather as many of the capital city’s young members as possible so they can meet others outside their immediate area of expertise on an informal basis. 

To help kick off the evening, attendees were introduced to "networking bingo" with a prize awarded to the winner. So how do you play networking bingo I hear you ask? Simple: find somebody that relates to a given fact, and then record his or her name on your bingo form. In no time at all the room was buzzing with participants trying to find people who had lived or worked abroad, been involved with an educational project, or had gained Chartered Engineer status. There was even some friendly chat about who was victorious during the recent edition of The Young Trophy (The Annual Inter-Institution Sports Competition) that was held a month earlier (hint: not the IMeche, alas). And to facilitate all this busy networking there was ample free food and beverages available for guests to consume at their leisure.


The night was a great success with many new LinkedIn contacts exchanged and relationships made. Attendees ranged from students to Chartered Engineers, and those employed by small local startups through to large multi-national engineering consultancies. The networking event is set to return bigger and better next year so watch this space!

The IMechE would look to thank its co-organisers: Tristram Bushby from the Landscape Institute, Alex Logan from the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, Ashley Theakstone from the Institution of Fire Engineers, and in particular Angela Lamacraft and Ellen Harrison from the Institute Of Acoustics, for all their hardwork in organising and running the evening.

Adam Mayall,

YMP Events Organiser

Technical Trip - CAD to Manufacture – 22 July 2015

CAD to Manufacture event was held on 22nd July 2015, there was a good response for the event when it was first publicised and 16 people showed interest in the event. On the day 8 enthusiastic Engineers turned up for the event. The main aim of the day was to showcase the manufacturing capabilities that are available at the venue of Zaskin College, where there are two impressive CNC machines. Long term member of the panel Raheel Qamar organised and ran the event and started off by giving a talk on CAD for manufacture, putting an emphasis on the importance of keeping manufacturing in mind while designing, as this can greatly reduce manufacture cost and time. After the talk the attendees were shown a live demo where a part was machined in 5 axis! The audience was comprised of young professional engineers and students from University and it was evident from the feedback that everyone gained something from the event. 

IMechE YMP aims to hold a similar event again in the hope of attracting even more people to attend, and promote manufacturing within UK. It is a good event to showcase how advanced manufacturing has become and that it is very useful to university students, especially those participating in Formula Student. A Case study from UGRacing (Glasgow University) was shown to the audience, putting forward the importance of efficient and innovative manufacturing and how it aided them in competing in Formula Student 2015 successfully.

Event Organiser: Raheel Qamar

The Young Trophy 2015

- The Annual Inter-Institution Sports Competition

The Young Trophy 2015, the annual inter-institution sports competition, has been successfully organised by IMechE Greater London Young Member Panel (YMP) at Kidbrooke Playing Fields on Saturday 18th July 2015.

Teams of 5 will complete a circuit of sporting event “stations” including:

  • 5-aside football
  • Tag rugby
  • Tug-of-War
  • 6-Legged Race
  • Egg and Spoon Relay

The event was very successful and everyone enjoyed themselves! The final scores were:

  • 1st: IOA Team
  • 2nd: IStructE Team
  • 3rd: IMechE Team 1
  • 4th: IMechE Team 2
  • 5th: IET


  • Best Female: Roshni Wijesekera 
  • Best Male: Tom Stankowski


 About The Young Trophy
The event was first held in 1933 when a joint team from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Institution of Civil Engineers challenged The Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (now part of the IET) to “show their worth and prove their skill at the noble game of cricket and other manly sports. ” The gauntlet had been thrown and battle commenced on 1st July 1933, with the IEE eventually proving victorious.

Mr Young, Vice President of the IEE, was so impressed by the sporting spirit displayed on that occasion that he presented a trophy to be competed for annually by all three Institutions. This trophy was called The ‘Young Trophy’ in his honour.


Aoife Considine, The Young Trophy Lead, YMP

Rahul Desai, The Young Trophy Organiser, YMP

Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) Technical visit 

On Friday 17th July the IMechE Young Members were kindly treated to an exclusive tour of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, specialists in the design, manufacture, and operation of satellites. The company has successfully launched 47 satellites since it was formed in the 1980s.

The afternoon was split between Tycho House, which contains the Operation Centre (the room from which all their satellites are monitored), and the Kepler Building, the location of satellite testing and assembly. During the tour we were able to learn about how SSTL send their satellites into space (by recycling Russian rockets), the economics of parking a satellite in orbit (selling space licenses is a very good business model indeed), and the maximum resolution of commercial satellite images (some of the press reports about being able to read a newspaper from space may not be quite correct). One of the most impressive parts of the assembly process is that all the soldering for the electronic components (most of which are sub-millimetre in length!) is painstakingly completed by hand; the quality in automated methods for mass produced electronics just isn’t good enough to survive the vacuum of space (note to all budding astronauts – don’t take your iPhone with you into orbit).  

The IMechE Young Members would like to thank the SSTL team for showing us their facilities and providing a fascinating insight into the world of satellites. More information about the company, their latest projects, and career opportunities can be found by going to their website

Adam Mayall, YMP Events Organiser

Our World In 2050 (OWin2050)

- Inspiring the Next Generation of engineers

Engineering for 35 years time

On the 27th of April and the 1st of May a group of volunteers, organised by the Greater London Young Members panel, took part in running the day long, Our World in 2050 STEM engagement activity at Haberdashers’ Askes’ Crayford Academy in Bexley for around 170 yr. 8 students (boys then girls). They were expertly supported by the fantastic Design & Technology Teacher.  

The OWin2050 day is all about actively demonstrating the variety of roles and responsibilities an engineer has in contributing to a sustainable society, one that is already experiencing increasing risks and effects from climate change. Not too far from them was the Thames Barrier, a great real life example of a structure already built to cope with some of these considerations. From the infrastructure surrounding us, the products that we buy and the systems that we’re part of, engineers play a huge part in their planning, development and execution. Choices made in the past have contributed to where we are now. Where will we be in 35 years time and what can engineers design for adaption and mitigation to climate change in 2050?

The Day

On the day volunteers kicked off with an initial introduction and presentation covering the topics of energy, waste and resources and transport, outlining some of the key challenges and giving some inspiration with some possible solutions and examples. With diverse backgrounds and roles varying from energy an electrical power networks, drilling, product design and subsea, there was a great breadth of first-hand expertise, insight and engineering enthusiasm in the room.

“Volunteers and presenters are a great way of engaging pupils as they can give first hand and relevant experience of working in that field. “
D&T teacher

It was then quickly onto the teams of students using and being guided through a variety of engineering and design thinking, tools, templates and processes, from initial mind mapping and concept ideation, to evaluating, before detailing and presenting their final proposals to the rest of the class.

 “Volunteers were helpful and engaging throughout, spent time working with pupils in groups and helping them develop their ideas.” D&T teacher

Results and outputs from the different groups varied greatly as well as between the general level obtained and themes explored by the boys and girls. Let’s just say, woman engineers out there can look forward to the next generation…

The boys generally explored less around the subject area and honed in on an almost a final design from the start, with concepts focusing predominately around transport and it’s infrastructure; smart roads inspired by scalextric, and various cars, buses and planes integrating alternative and renewable technologies to power them.

For the girls their concept areas varied greatly from food scanning to reduce waste, apps for smart electricity switching, measurement and holographic communication of energy usage, bike lane infrastructure, solar powered fish tanks and capturing and harvesting the methane from cows. It was interesting to see how many had also inked the engineering and technology design with particular consideration of the communication, education and awareness raising to the user through possible campaigns, advertising or gamification.

“The activities were really good, they are relevant and the resources were well planned.” D&T teacher

All the volunteers on each day had a great time, coming away invigorated by the enthusiasm and great ideas from many of the students. As well as this an important reminder of the work done by dedicated staff in our schools supporting students to recognise the opportunities and rewarding career that engineering may bring. The important career path they may take and be able to use their problem solving skills developed and mind-set to engineer for society and the environment, both now and what could be a difficult future.

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Haberdashers Askes’ Crayford Academy, teachers and students for hosting us, and to all the volunteers that supported.

*We have 2 other Our World in 2050 session planned on the 13th and 14th of July where we’ll need lots of volunteers. If you’d like to get involved or to find out more contact

Erica Purvis (YMP Member)

The London Circular Jam: 21-23rd November 2014

Once a year, groups of people all over the world assemble for a weekend to make a difference. They come to create, to collaborate, share and learn. It’s an event called the Global Sustainability Jam.

In 2014, over a weekend at the end of November, more than 40 cities worldwide took part, from Cairo to Sydney. In London the representative was The Circular Jam, organised by a group of volunteer service and product designers and engineers, looking at sustainability through the lens of the circular economy. It was held in the new Fab Lab London. Over the weekend more than 192 projects were created, with London contributing six of these and a number of IMechE members joining and adding to the experience.

It is open to anyone and discipline to get involved; designers, engineers, artists, anybody really with an interest in sustainability and a desire to create practical action with others, engaging in a ‘doing before talking’ philosophy.

The days were structured with events and activities to provide teams with tools and expert mentors, to guide, inspire ideas and help them develop concepts. This year, with the support of Creative KTN and Innovate UK, participants were introduced to the Horizons Tool to kick-start and guide their thinking on sustainability issues throughout the weekend.

By the end of the weekend the six teams had taken on a number of different challenges and issues, approaching them with a great deal of imagination, designing and creating a wide range of approaches and solutions. These are outlined briefly below:

  • aeiou - The Footprint app - Saving small kitchen appliances from the bin through providing alternative and easy to access options for fixing, refurbishment etc.
  • Making the invisible visible - Sebastian - Educating children in waster usage through an interactive classroom (fish related) responsible decision making game.
  • Infinity - Carrot Race - Engaging children with healthy and natural food production with the gamification of veg growing
  • Best After - Giving clothing a passport and history to life to give it a more tangible place in our lives and increase longevity.
  • The London Brolly Company - Modular customisable umbrellas that can be returned and fixed when broken and the parts reused
  • Bug Burger - A chain of insect restaurants with a closed loop circular ecosystem housed in every restaurant.

An important element of the days is that all ideas that have been created over the course of the Jam are shared in a presentation to the rest of the Jam and post the projects on the global site with a creative commons license.

These types of initiatives are not just about the possible solutions created but also about the connections made between the participants. Stepping outside your usual day job or discipline can open your mind to new ideas and transferable skills, as well enabling you to share many of your own, recognising new and innovative ways that knowledge and practical experience can be applied.

If you’d like to read and see more about the jam in action then you can watch the video to see what happened in 2013 (2014 coming soon), read the storify or keep an eye out for more events this year.

You can also contact Erica Purvis: 
Twitter: @TechnicalNature

Erica Purvis (YMP Member)


The Young Trophy: 5th July 2014

The Institution of Civil Engineers are crowned The Young Trophy 2014 Champions after a terrific afternoon of 5-a-side football. On Saturday 5th July seven teams, each from a different engineering institution, descended on Hurlingham Park to battle it out and see which had the greatest sporting prowess. 

With the event coinciding with the World Cup, it was decided to continue the football fever and make The Young Trophy a 5-a-side football tournament. The seven challengers for the title were:

  • UCL Electrical Engineers (IET)
  • Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)
  • Walsh Group (ICE & IStructE)
  • UCL Civil Engineers (ICE)
  • Institute of Acoustics (IOA)
  • Energy Institute (EI)
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)

And so at 2pm the event kicked off, the winner being decided after seven rounds of matches. The action came thick and fast, with the Energy Institute in particular netting a plethora of goals. After two and a half hours all the matches had been played the results were in:

1st   UCL Civil Engineers
2nd  Institute of Acoustics
3rd   IMechE / Energy Institute / Walsh Group

Despite some questionable refereeing (yes, the person in charged of hiring them has been duly fired!) and the small problem of the pitches not being correctly marked out, it was an enjoyable contest and it was great to have a mix of over 50 students and young professionals alike. Hopefully it will return bigger and better in 2015!

Many thanks to Sam Eaves from ICE to help co-organise the tournament.

Adam Mayall (The Young Trophy - Organiser)

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