May 2016

Open Committee Positions

The Greater London Region Committee has a number of opportunities to get involved.

The following positions are open, please contact the GLR chairman Charles Ingram for more information.

  • Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) Projects Coordinator (Education Liaison Officer)
  • Publicity Officer
  • Assistant Publicity Officer
  • IMechE D&G Liaison Officer Assistant
  • University Design Challenge Lead
  • Uni. Design Challenge 1st Year Assistant
  • Uni. Design Challenge 2nd Year Assistant
  • Ordinary Committee Members are always welcome.

​Bloodhound Ambassador visits schools in South Africa

GLR committee member and former chairman, Chris Lowther, is an Ambassador for the Bloodhound SSC project. He has written an article about his visit to South Africa for the project, which you can read here.

New GLR Committee in place after AGM

The Greater London Region 2016 AGM was held on Wednesday 20th April. The new GLR Committee for the 2016-17 session is now in place.

The results of the elected roles are as follows:

Charles Ingram, Chairman
Aaron Du, Vice Chairman
Anura Perera, Hon. Secretary
Youyou Yan, Asst. Hon. Secretary
Verina Liu, Hon. Treasurer
Charles Clarke, Asst. Hon. Treasurer

September 2015

The IMechE Greater London Region twitter account is up and running.

May 2015

New GLR Committee in place after AGM

The Greater London Region 2015 AGM was held on Wednesday 15th April. The new GLR Committee for the 2015-16 session is now in place.

The results of the elected roles are as follows:

Giles Hartill, Chairman
Charles Ingram, Vice Chairman
Anura Perera, Hon. Secretary
Youyou Yan, Asst. Hon. Secretary
Verina Liu, Hon. Treasurer
Charles Clarke, Asst. Hon. Treasurer

May 2014

New GLR Committee in place after AGM

The Greater London Region 2014 AGM was held on Wednesday 14th May. The new GLR Committee for the 2014-15 session is now in place.

The results of the elected roles are as follows:

Giles Hartill, Chairman
Rajiv Sharma, Vice Chairman
Charles Ingram, Hon. Secretary
Youyou Yan, Asst. Hon. Secretary
Verina Liu, Hon. Treasurer
Charles Clarke, Asst. Hon. Treasurer

June 2013

The London branches of IMechE and RAeS visited Wing Cmdr Ken Wallis, creator of James Bond 007's "Little Nellie" autogyro in June.

More information on the event can be read in this document: Greater London visit to Flixton Aviation Museum and Wing Cmdr Wallis [pdf]

September 2012

GLR Education Volunteer inspires the next generation of female engineers

Click here to read an article from IMechE Agenda on the excellent "Our World In 2050" education initiative run by Anna Davis at Alton Convent.

November 2011

BMI Maintenance Hangar visit, London Heathrow, 04/11/11

Despite the turn in the weather the day was filled with people from all over England. Brunel University students, Queen Mary 'University of London' students, workers from the Oil & Gas Industry amongst many more gathered for an eventful day to tour the BMI Hangar, located in no other than BAA's Heathrow Airport.

On arrival to the BMI Hangar the sky displaced the clouds and let the rays of the sun glare through, this ensured the start of an eventful afternoon.

After the extensive, yet swift, security checks of 50 attendees you were escorted down the corridor to be hit with the front of the cool air where you saw the sheer size of the hangar and the BMI A330 parked for maintenance. Quicker done then said, no questions asked, the cameras were out and a crowd of flash photography was taken, the excitement could not longer be contained.

Mr. Martin Snook, BMI base maintenance Manager, introduced himself and guided the attendees pass the working engineers to the front of the hangar; as all looked up, you could see the stunning nose of the A330.

Technical flight questions and questions regarding job opportunities amongst others; yet no one question about the Hangar was thrown to Mr. Snook. It was clear that the attendees were utterly fascinated to be within touching distance of the A330, the extensive work that can be seen by the engineers was overwhelming.

Over an hour had pasted and all could stay for another, yet it was time for the attendees to depart for their well deserved lunch. After an inclusive lunch, on the return journey the attendees were showered with complimentary snacks and proved to be a shock that brought joy to all.

Mr Snook expressed that the attendees would like to return for a second visit. It is here were the IMechE GLR NWA are looking into organising another...

23 May 2011

The Greater London Region Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 19 May 2011 at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Ken Huntington was elected as the new GLR Committee Chairman taking over from Chris Lowther.

01 May 2011

Download the Greater London Region May 2011 Newsletter.

28 April 2011


Last year Greenpower had a very successful year and it is looking to achieve even better results this year. As ever, Greenpower are very grateful for all the support received from IMechE members during 2010. Greenpower really would not be able to run the number of events currently offered without this support.

Over the winter period Greenpower have been working on the criteria for judging some of the supplementary awards, in particular the Best Engineered Car. Roger Dilley from the South West Region has been particularly involved in developing this award and we hope some of your members will be interested to come along to events as judges.

Greenpower have also worked closely with the members in the North East of England who have been helping us to identify sponsors to support their regional event. Local sponsorship ensures that an event will be sustainable and schools will not be disappointed if their event has to be cancelled in the future. Local knowledge is one of the contributions we at Greenpower most value from IMechE members. Greenpower's aim has always been to keep each event local, for local schools supported by local industry.

All the regions have given Greenpower great support over the years, which has allowed the challenge to grow so successfully and involve more schools year on year.

Greenpower looks forward to continuing this relationship with IMechE in 2011 and if you feel you are able to support Greenpower in your local region, a list of volunteering opportunities for your consideration along with a calendar for 2011 is provided below.

If you would like to get involved, or would like any further information please contact Emma Tyler.

Event Marshal

We require volunteers to help us marshal at all of our events. This role can include marshalling and safety checks in the pit area, marshalling on track, assisting the recovery vehicles, monitoring the battery quarantine area, and assisting in Race Administration.All event marshals are fully briefed on the day. We will aim to rotate volunteers so they have an opportunity to experience a variety of roles during the day.

This is a full day’s commitment from 8:30am until 5:00pm.


At each event all competing cars are thoroughly checked by our team of scrutineers to ensure they are safe to race and comply will all the build specifications. All volunteers involved in scrutineering would be given the specifications to study before the event and a full briefing using a demonstration car on the day.

Some scrutineers need to be on hand throughout the event to check any vehicle that has had to leave the race for repair. They cannot rejoin the race until they have been checked by a scrutineer.

This can be either a half day or full day’s commitment starting at 8:00am until either 12:30pm or 5:00pm


We have a number of awards which need to be judged at each of the events we run. The main focus for IMechE members would be the Best Engineered award. During the regional heats this is a combined Institutions Award alongside the IET and IoM3. A group of judges will consider various aspect of each of the vehicles entered including, materials used, controls, transmission, cooling and aerodynamics. At the national finals, the winners from all the heats will be put forward for judging again but this time there will be a specific IMechE award which will focus on construction.

Judges will receive a full criteria to guide them and we have also asked for the teams to lobby judges on the day to tell them the great innovations on their vehicles.

This can be a full day commitment depending on the number of entrants at an event.

Assisting a school

Most new schools who get involved in Greenpower find the project quite daunting initially. We try to match any school that needs assistance with a partner from industry to help them with their build. We also believe this is another important way to introduce engineering to young people through the dialogue built up between a mentor and the team.

Primary schools are particularly in need of assistance as they do not have any specialist D&T staff on hand.

This would be a commitment of at least once a week for a couple of hours for perhaps a term or a full academic year.


Local knowledge is invaluable to us which is why we have a number of volunteer Ambassadors who assist us in promoting Greenpower in their region. This would involve giving presentations to schools, representing Greenpower at events, identifying new venues and helping us to identify local partners who could help support a local project and ensure the sustainability of the event.Ambassadors would get full training and reasonable expenses would be covered.


  • Season Opener/ Corporate Challenge, 1 May, Silverstone
  • Midlands Test Day, 11 May, Darley Moore
  • Littlehampton Goblins, 14 May, Banjo Road
  • Midlands Goblins, 19 May, Prodrive, Warwick
  • South Central Regional Heat, 12 June, Goodwood
  • Scotland Regional Heat, 18/19 June, Grampian Motor Museum
  • South West Regional Heat, 23 June, Newquay Airport
  • Greater London Regional Heat, 26 June, Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh
  • Chatham House Goblins 18 June, Chatham House Grammar School, Ramsgate
  • North East Regional Heat, 6 July, Croft Motor Circuit
  • Midlands Regional Heat, 7 July, Rockingham
  • Essex Regional Heat, 9 July, Ford Dunton
  • Essex Goblins, 10 July, e2v, Chelmsford
  • Gathering of Goblins, 17 July, Goodwood Motor Circuit
  • Eastern Regional Heat, 11 September, Bedford Autodrome
  • North West Regional Heat, 15 September, Aintree Motor Circuit
  • Somerset Regional Heat, 17 September, RAF Merryfield
  • Western Regional Heat, 2 October, Castle Combe
  • National Final, 16 October, Goodwood

07 February 2011

Download the Greater London Region February 2011 Newsletter.

06 February 2011

Reward & Recognition

There are two awards available for rewarding and recognising the contributions of IMechE members or our partners. We are strongly encouraging nominations for these very worthwhile prizes.

Worshipful Company of Engineers – Stephenson Award

The award is for those who have demonstrated excellence in encouraging young people into engineering with particular reference to, but not exclusively to, mechanical engineering.  Please not that nominees do not need to be members and a citation must be provided.

Deadline: 15th March 2011 to be submitted to Maria Powell.

Stephenson Award Nominations Form.

The James Clayton Prize

The award is to be awarded to a member of the Institution of any grade (Affiliate to Fellow), who, in the opinion of the Trustee Board, contributes most in that year (or over recent years) to modern engineering science – by way of research, invention, experimental work or a treatise or a paper on a modern engineering subject or originality in engineering design or by service to engineering.

Deadline 1st March 2011 to be submitted to ASK House, IMechE Prizes and Awards (details on nomination form).

We hope you find these awards of interest and are able to nominate individuals that you feel are deserving of recognition for their efforts. For more information please contact Penny Bosman.

09 January 2011

Download the GLR January 2011 Newsletter.

06 December 2010

Speak Out for Engineering Competition Final 2010

On the 2nd December 2010, three developing engineers of the Greater London Region (GLR) took part in the IMechE GLR Young Members’ Panel annual presentation skills competition, Speak Out for Engineering (SoFE).

This prestigious event was held on board HMS Belfast as part of the President’s Visit to the GLR and saw the three finalists making their presentations to a packed auditorium of both senior and developing engineers.  Each finalist made a twenty minute presentation followed by a ten minute question and answer session. The presentations were diverse, covering the fields of bio-medical and transport systems engineering and competently delivered with the judges having a difficult decision in selecting the winner and runner-up.  First prize (£200) was awarded to Prudence Wong and the runner-up prize (£100) to Lynda Nwike, with the IMechE’s Deputy President Isobel Pollock presenting the awards.

In addition to the SoFE final the evening included the awarding of the IMechE Heritage Award to HMS Belfast, the award’s 59th recipient and an informal behind the scenes tour of the ship, providing a special opportunity to explore its various floors. The evening concluded with a drinks and canapé reception.

The event was a great success and will be back in 2011.

More information.

01 November 2010

Download the GLR November 2010 Newsletter.

26 September 2010

Download the GLR October 2010 Newsletter.

To download John Daryshire's presentation from the recent London Transport ESTEEM Project click here. For more information contact John Daryshire at

31 August 2010

Download the GLR September 2010 Newsletter.

18 August 2010

The Greater London Region is pleased to announce that a new South West Area Committee was established in June 2010.

12 July 2010

125 expectant 13 year olds, 10 volunteer engineers, 10 teachers and 1 journalist all discussing and trying to solve problems that could be faced in 2050……it could only be the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ Our World in 2050 (OW2050) schools event.

Further Information.

10 February 2010

David Weeks of MW Kellogg Ltd presented a technical lecture at Brunel University entitled:"THE ROLE OF CARBON CAPTURE PROJECTS IN THE BATTLE AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE"

Event Synopsis:

In this talk, the scientific evidence for, and the potential consequences of, global warming were reviewed. Carbon capture and storage was discussed as one of the mitigation measures for climate change and the status of current CCS projects was examined.

Download a copy of the presentation.

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