Welcome to the South East Railway Division

Welcome to a new season of events!

Welcome to the Railway Division South-East Centre 2014/15 Programme

We are again covering a broad range of topics in this seasons talks which include major infrastructure projects, rail plant, auxiliary systems, the future of freight, refurbishments and the ever topical nature versus railway.  We have the Young Members evening where the industry’s brightest new stars compete to describe projects they have undertaken.  The theme of the season reflects the exciting growth of rail, the ever-increasing need to reduce maintenance costs and the pressure to extract maximum reliable life from hard-pressed assets

We remain in London Undergrounds iconic headquarters building and all our lectures provide an opportunity to mingle afterwards on the rooftop terrace, with refreshments provided. The committee looks forward to seeing you all for what should be a fascinating series of events

Tim Poole
Chairman, South East Centre 

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