Salt Mining in Cheshire

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Technical lecture
08 February 2017 19:00 - 21:00
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Graham Orme will give an illustrated talk about the history and development of Winsford Rock Salt Mine from the beginning in 1844 to the present day.

Winford Rock Salt Mine is now owned by Compass Minerals UK Ltd.

200 million years ago, when the Earth's surface was unrecognisable from the way we see it now, Cheshire was located beneath the seabed of a huge ocean. Over many thousands of years these oceans evaporated, leaving behind the salt as gigantic deposits. This salt was buried deeper and deeper by the continual deposition of dust, earth and rock.

It is this same salt which is spread on the UK's roads during Winter in order to keep them ice-free and safe for transport. By mining more than 150m below the surface, Compass Minerals is able to extract this rock salt, crush it to suitable sizes for use, add certain products and elevate it to the surface, where a healthy emergency stockpile of around half a million tonnes is kept ready to be distributed all around the UK to be used in Winter for the safety of the population.


Mr Graham Orme, Training Manager, Compass Minerals UK Ltd..


Newcastle-under-Lyme College
Room S055 - Media Theatre
Knutton Lane
United Kingdom

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