2010 AGM

2nd March 2010

Chairman's Report

Dear Member or Visitor,

The 2009/10 winter programme of events is already rapidly drawing to a close. It barely seems a few weeks, let alone 12 months, since the committee were putting together the programme card.

By the end of the programme, the Rugby Area main panel will have put on 13 events between autumn 2009 and spring 2010. These have included many outstanding talks - Red Arrows, the Rolls-Royce ‘open rotor’ engine, ‘Are we alone?’ by Robin Catchpole (an astronomer). A social event was jointly held with Coventry AD in December.

The attendance and feedback from events has been good. In addition to the main panel events, the active Retired Members’ Section will have also put on a full programme of events. They have performed incredibly well with typically 100 people attending each event!

Retired Engineers Report

The interesting visit to Volvo Trucks at Warwick on 28 January was attended by 27 Mechanicals and 15 Electricals.

The excellent lecture by Richard Moss, Senior Design Engineer RNLI on lifeboats and their design at Dunchurch on 25 February was attended by 53 Mechanicals and 45 Electricals, following which a collection for the RNLI raised £286 which will be increased by Gift Aid. At the committee meeting which followed after lunch, the one gap in the remainder of the 2009-2010 programme was filled by agreeing to have a visit to the Midland Air Museum at Bagington on 29 April.

In the 2009 calendar year the total recorded attendance was 1108 for 19 evening and Retired Members events, including both talks and visits, so an average of 58 attendees per event.

The area committee has already started putting together the programme card for next winter’s season, and I am personally extremely grateful to the programme sub-committee for the considerable effort they put into making these events happen. Of course, if anyone is able to offer a talk, presentation or visit that would be of general interest, the committee would be very pleased to hear from you. We already have some interesting talks arranged (e.g. MHI gas turbines, power from nuclear fusion and advances in vehicle hypersonics).

We are lucky living in the Midlands in that we are surrounded by other active IMechE Areas, and also other institutions and organisations. Where we have details of events organised by other areas or organisations, we now put details on our “NearYou” website (nearyou.imeche.org.uk/ uk/midl/RUARGB). Please let us know if you feel sufficiently informed of such events, as well as ideas for improving the attendance at our own events.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Haller
IMechE Chairman,
Rugby Area, Midland Region

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