Waste not, want not

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12 February 2019 19:00 - 21:00
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We live in a world of immense technical complexity. The industrial age has led to wide availability of an incredibly diverse range of products. Unsurprisingly this complexity is reflected in the range and composition of the wastes that inevitably arise. The World Bank predicts that in the wake of so-called peak oil, estimated to occur around 2030, the world will hit peak waste at the dawn of the next century. Projections indicate that globally this will amount to 12 million tonnes per day. This begs the obvious question: what on earth are we to do with all this waste? One answer is to develop an intelligent marriage between both engineering solutions and those that have been evolved by Mother Nature.

This event is organised by the Stoke-On-Trent Society of Engineers and not the IMechE. For more information please contact Malcolm Redmond (malcolm.redmond@ntlworld.com)


Steve Filkin - Steve, an accomplished waste disposal specialist will explore the options that are being developed to bring about this marriage and modernise the ways in which we manage our waste.


Newcastle-under-Lyme College
Room S055 - Media Theatre
Knutton Lane
United Kingdom

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