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  • Event Type: Technical lecture
    15 November 2018 19:00 to 21:00
    Room UG06 - BIRMINGHAM
    This talk will cover the life and work of Dr Frederick Lanchester (1868-1946), one of the great automotive engineering pioneers of the early 20th century. With more than 400 patents to his name, Frederick Lanchester invented, amongst other things, Epicyclic gearboxes, the disc brake and the engine balance shaft. He also created the UK's first hybrid car in 1927.
    Industry: Automobile
  • Event Type: Committee meeting or AGM
    15 November 2018 18:30 to 20:00
    GE Power Conference Centre - Rugby
    A chance to meet the Warwickshire Area committee and to discuss our forthcoming event programme.
    Industry: Cross-sector
  • Event Type: Technical lecture
    15 November 2018 17:15 to 19:30
    Derby Roundhouse - Derby
    Andy Mellors will present his Railway Division Chairman's address
    Industry: Railway
  • Event Type: Technical lecture
    06 November 2018 19:15 to 21:00
    Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology
    CANCELLED - Farming yields have been largely static in the past 25 year and with an increasing number of people to feed something has to give...the Small Robot Company is developing three small robots -Tom, Dick and Harry to plant, monitor and care for wheat crops, with aim of increasing yields and reducing chemical and energy inputs.
    Industry: Food engineering
  • Event Type: Technical visit
    05 November 2018 16:00 to 19:00
    MINI Plant Oxford Visitor Centre - Oxford
    Take a journey through more than 100 years of Oxford’s car building history and discover how BMW creates over 1,000 one-of-a-kind, made-to-order MINIs every day. Visit MINI’s production halls where human skill and state-of-the-art technology combine to build a new MINI every 67 seconds.
    Industry: Automobile
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