Welcome to the Glasgow Young Members Panel

Glasgow Young Members Panel (GYMP) are a pro-active group who are striving to inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians. Regular networking events, site visits and technical lectures are promoted to meet this end where members can develop their leadership, organisational and teamworking skill sets. Through the engagement of members in these activities the awareness of IMechE is strengthened and the quality of engineers and technicians entering the engineering sector is improved.

GYMP has numerous roles that aim to develop apprentices, engineers and technicians. Positions include: Web Development Officer, Treasurer, Chair, Educational Officer and more. The responsibilities afforded to each of these roles differs and members are encouraged to take responsibility from the outset to develop themselves and make an impact in their specialised field.

Over the course of a typical apprenticeship or undergraduate degree (four years) a member could potentially have four different roles. This could be starting as a College Ambassador, to Web Development Officer, to Treasurer and finally to Chair.

Each role has its own required attributes and will hone the skills of the member in question. With the College Ambassador role interpersonal and organisational skills are fundamental in maintaining open channels of communication between the committee and the college in question. 

The Web Development Officer role requires technical skills (which will be taught), problem solving and creativity to tackle any problems confidently and to generate new ideas for the website. The role of Treasurer requires leadership skills and an attention to detail. This role is fundamental to the smoothe running of the committe as a fixed budget is set for the year which will be used for all the site visits and technical lectures. Finally the role of Chair requires leadership, organisational skills and the ability to delegate. The Chair runs committee meetings, leads the direction of the committee for a given year and makes important decisions about how the budget should be spent.

GYMP offers a practical means to develop personal and professional skills outside the confines of University or College and is an invaluable tool for developing yourself into a well rounded engineer or technician. If you are interested in joining the committee or just want to see how we do things we encourage you to contact us.

Current and Future Events

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  • Event Type: Technical lecture
    01 March 2018 18:30 to 20:30
    Royal College Building Room 667 - Glasgow
    The space industry is becoming a larger and larger industry in Glasgow. This event has talks from some of the figures at the forefront of Glasgow's space boom!
    Industry: Aerospace Industries
  • Event Type: Committee meeting or AGM
    12 March 2018 18:00 to 19:00
    Creativity Lab - Glasgow
    The next meeting for the Glasgow Young Members Panel will be held at 1800, on the 12th of March, at Glasgow University (Creativity Lab, Floor 6, James Watt South Building).
    Industry: Cross-sector
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For up coming events, useful information about how to get the best out of the IMechE and the benefits of membership follow the GYMP on social media:


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