Setting the Agenda for Scotland

The engineering and manufacturing sector plays an important economic role in Scotland, employing over 9% of the workforce and contributing over 13% of GDP. The Institution is committed to working closely with its members who live and work in Scotland.

The Institution promotes the achievements of Scottish engineers; provides a varied, interesting and informative programme of local events designed to appeal to engineers working in the area; and works with key experts to promote the pioneering achievements of members to the Scottish government and media.

The IMechE Newsletter for Scotland is a high profile way of keeping members fully up to date with key member benefits, the programme of events and all the latest news for the region.

We are always looking for inspiring stories about engineers working in Scotland. If you or your company is doing something that is helping to change lives or improve the world through engineering, we would like to hear about it. It could be that you are managing to innovate or find opportunities for new business during these difficult economic times, or are undertaking pioneering research or are working in a cutting edge development, or are helping to implement renewable energy in Scotland. If you have news that will help to promote Scottish engineering, or have any additional feedback on articles or ideas that you would like to read in this newsletter, please do contact the BDM Scotland and we will feature your story in future issues.

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