Primary Engineer in Scotland

Primary Engineer brings together teachers and engineers to engage primary and secondary pupils with engineering via curriculum mapped projects. The aim is that engineers will provide the context for the projects and enable pupils and teachers to understand more about the diversity and excitement of engineering.

If you would like to get involved with Primary Engineer please contact them directly -

Promoting engineering with Primary Engineer

10,000 pupils have registered for the Scottish Engineering Leaders Award in the last 3 months! Primary Engineer have produced a google map of schools who have requested an engineer visit the school for an hour or so as part of the free engineering school competition. You can zoom to your local area and see which schools still need linked to an engineer (these are the ones with the red dot. The ones with the yellow Primary Engineer logo have already been linked to an engineer). 

More information is attached and anyone interested can email their registration form with the school they would like to support to, our Engineer Liaison Manager.

Training Courses

The aim of inviting you on the training course is to introduce you to schools you will be linked with. Whilst each engineer has varying amounts of time they can devote to helping the schools, it’s between the engineer and the school to agree what this support should look like.

The teachers will deliver the project to whole classes of pupils, and the engineers would act as the expert in the room: the link to the wider world of engineering. The courses are practical, building exemplar models, exploring teaching resources and discussing challenge activities to be run at the end of the project.

Not all engineers who wish to be involved can attend the training day but they are still welcome to link to schools - Primary Engineer will help link engineers to schools who are registered and provide all the introductions necessary. 

Judge at a Celebration Event


Do you have engineers who would like to volunteer to be judges at our Primary Engineer Celebration Events?

Are you an engineer yourself who would like to get involved?

This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved with the Primary Engineer Programmes by engaging with children and their engineering projects by being a judge as children test their vehicles and explain their project work.

See attached ‘Judge Request’ form for dates and venues and contact:

Judge_Request for Scotland!

What’s your benefit?

As support of these activities can be counted towards the UK required competencies for progression within IMechE, Primary Engineer will forward you an evaluation form allowing you to save and record your activities for future reference.

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