The Big Bang South East Careers fair, 2 July 2013

It’s amazing how many 12 to 18 year old kids you can encourage to listen to a 5 minute chat about careers in engineering with the promise of a rainbow facepaint stripe!

The Big Bang Fair at the Crawley Hawth Theatre is the largest profile event in the regional STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) calendar, with the object of attracting the brightest students into our professions.

Many local companies and organisations were represented including the Pyroban stand supported by the Institution manned by Delali Dei, Helena Rooney and Marco Holt. Pyroban sponsorship enabled a Design Technology award won by Ardingly College. The day was absolutely manic with around 3,000 coach-delivered kids from regional schools attending.

For hours the stand was mobbed and we talked to multiple groups of kids about engineering until we were hoarse. Despite some kids putting fizzers in Marco’s drink and a facepaint stick being pilfered (who would want to be a teacher), a fantastic day was had by all and the profiles of both Pyroban and the Institution in the community were well and truly lifted!

Marco Holt, Delali Dei and Helena Rooney on the stand.

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