Wessex Water - Regional Supply Grid

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Technical lecture
12 October 2017 19:00 - 21:00
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The water supply Grid is the largest scheme ever undertaken by Wessex Water.

The supply Grid provides important new infrastructure for the South West region with resilience connections to Bournemouth Water, Bristol Water and South West Water via Wimbleball reservoir.  It is effectively a South West area regional grid.

The eight year £228m programme of works, has spanned two AMP periods between 2010 – 2017 and comprises more than 50 individual projects.  It has also benefitted the South West region’s economy from jobs created in the design and construction stages.

The project provides the resilience to meet the demand for water over the next 25 years while reducing water abstractions in areas of low river flows; maintaining drinking water quality; and providing a more resilient water supply for Wessex Water customers.

As well as delivering the project aims set out above, an underpinning aim of the supply Grid has been to deliver the design and construction of the project in a sustainable manner, in order to preserve and enhance the sensitive environments in which it is located.

One of the key innovations of the supply Grid project has been the development of a new  “Optimiser” flow control system that will manage and optimise the transfer of water along the new 74km trunkmain.  It is an automatic, real time closed loop optimisation system and is a first in the United Kingdom in this regard.  It will centrally control and monitor the bulk transfers in the trunkmain in the most efficient way, whilst still operating within the constraints built into the system, to ensure security of supply, minimise any risk of water quality issues and minimise energy use.

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Drummond Modley, Programme Manager, Wessex Water


Weymouth College
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