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Swindon has a long history of association with engineering, starting with the establishment by Brunel of the famous Great Wesern Railway Workshops.  Following the demise of the railway industry, Swindon has diversified dramatically and, from a single-industry town, has become a thriving centre of manufacturing and commerce.

The Swindon Panel of the IMechE was inaugurated on 5 February 1975 and evolved into the Swindon Area as a consequence of the re-organisation of the Regional Network on 27 May 1998.

The business of the Swindon Area is conducted by a committee based in Swindon.  Members are encouraged to volunteer to serve on the committee where their contribution will be warmly welcomed.


The geography of the Area is defined by postcodes.  It covers all areas with Swindon (SN) postcodes plus Bath postcodes BA12 - BA15.  This area stretches from Faringdon in the East to Bradford-on-Avon in the West and from Swindon in the North to Devizes in the South.  The Area serves approximately 600 members of which around 200 have registered addresses in Swindon.


The annual programme of events starts around September and runs through to May the following year.  Typically, seven events are organised each year including industrial visits, lectures and finally a social evening.  In putting together the programme the committee tries to cover a wide variety of interests.  Suggestions for future events are always welcome from members.

Chris Couldrick

Current and Future Events

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  • Firearms at the Defence Academy    Fully Booked
    Event Type: Technical Visit
    05 March 2015 17:00 to 20:00
    Defence Academy, Swindon (01793 785615) - Swindon
    An opportunity to view the excellent the firearms of the Defence Academy of the UK. This is an extensive collection of guns ranging from historical classics to cutting edge technology.
    Industry: Defence & Government Services
  • Event Type: AGM
    05 March 2015 19:00 to 21:00
    Cranfield University
    Swindon Area's Annual General Meeting. Following the Firearms Event, we will hold the 2015 AGM. The AGM is open to IMechE members of all grades. Due to the location, it is essential that you book a place.
    Industry: Non Industry Specific
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