IMechE HK Branch Greater China Design Competition

The 6th GCDC held at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 25-26 March 2017

On behalf of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Hong Kong branch, a worldwide non-profit professional organization for mechanical engineers, we take pleasure to announce the 7th Greater China Design Competition (7th GCDC) to be held in March 2018.
As you may be aware, the 7th GCDC, which bundles the highlight event of the IMechE and Universities, will be our signature initiative in 2017/18.  It is an university student design competition among Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau universities.  The aim is to providing a platform for our engineering students to demonstrate their engineering knowledge, while in parallel strengthen their presentation skills by designing an innovative prototype design on the topics range from environmental to social issues. The topics for the past four years GCDCs are Automatic Material Sorter (2011/12), Potential Energy Car (2012/13), Material Transporter (2013/14), Rocks Collector (2014/15), Remote Inspection Robot (2015/16) and Mine Industry Handling Robot (2016/17).
This is particularly important among the young generation, whose attraction to the professions is critical in ensuring continuous engineering excellence to help drive our world forward.  Engineering is much more relevant to our daily lives than perhaps it is given credit for.  Considering the macro and local issues faced by the community, GCDC will focus on energy, transport and the environment, exploring and showcasing possible, often fun and innovative engineering solutions.

7th GCDC Unmanned Robots for Relief (2017/18) at Macau U (tentative) 

The University of Macau New Campus

6th GCDC Mine Industry Handling Robot (2016/17) at HKUST

Champion: CUHK and HKUST

The 6th GCDC held at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 25-26 March 2017

5th GCDC Remote Inspection Robot (2015/16) at GZSCUT

Champion: HKU

The 5th GCDC held at GZSCUT on 19-20 March 2016
4th GCDC Rocks Collector (2014/15) at GZSCUT

Champion: CUHK

4th GCDC held on 23-24 March 2015 at Guangzhou South China University of Technology (GZSCUT)

3rd GCDC Material Transporter (2013/14) at GZSCUT

Champion: CUHK

The 3rd GCDC held at GZSCUT on 21-22 March 2014

2nd GCDC Potential Energy Car (2012/13) at GZSCUT

Champion: HKUST

YouTube Video

2th GCDC held on 23-24 March 2013 at Guangzhou South China University of Technology (GZSCUT)

1st GCDC Automatic Material Sorter (2011/12) at GZSCUT

Champion: CUHK

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