Mechathon 3.0

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27 March 2019 09:00 - 17:00
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The report summarizes the event ‘Mechathon 3.0’ that took place on 27th March, 2019. The event comprised of two modules:

•   Bottle Rocket Competition

•   Bridge Building Competition

The third edition of NED University’s Mechathon saw an exponential rise in the enthusiasm of mechanical engineering students at NED, with 30 teams participating in the competition with great zeal.

The event was headed by the Creativity Director of IMechE NED, Ms. Aafia Jameela Jawed and Promotion Co-director, Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Hammad. The two played a great role in the event organization from solving managerial and technical issues to attracting a large audience. The student chair of the chapter, Mr. Muhammad Adeel Yaqoob especially praised some members of the Organizing Committee - Mr. Hamza Siddique, Mr. Ahmed Baig, Mr. Syed Wajih Ahmed, Mr. Ammar Fasih, Mr. Waleed Raza, Mr. Saad Hafeez, Ms. Malaika Asrar, Mr. Sajid Iqbal and Ms. Amnah Gulzar - for the hard-work they put in to make the event successful.

Mechathon 3.0, held in the fountain area of NED University became an opportunity for the budding engineers to display their creativity whilst providing them with good technical knowledge. The event gained a lot of attention from the students with an overwhelming crowd of around 250-300 spectators in which more than 80 were members of IMechE.

The Bridge Building Competition was executed in two rounds with the first round starting at 1020 hours. The Organizing Committee provided the essential equipment to the registered teams. The event was an opportunity for the students to enhance their practical and technical skills. The candidates developed a wooden bridge capable of withstanding loads of weight out of mere ice cream sticks and demonstrated their architectural ability and knowledge of trusses.

The maximum load that a simple truss structure carried was 66 kilograms, by the winning team, Ricardo and the runner up structure that belonged to the team Snowman, carried about 60 kilograms.

The Bottle Rocket Competition started at 1100 hours. It persuaded the students to gear up and get their bottle rocket shoot up high with the maximum range. The students developed their own rocket design out of plastic bottles.

However, only top 5 rockets from the first round were shortlisted which qualified for the second round, on the basis of the maximum target and range obtained.

The closing ceremony took place in the Mechanical Department Conference Room. Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Nasiruddin Shaikh and Sir Shareef were invited as special guests. Accompanying them, the faculty advisor of IMechE NED, Sir Tariq Jameel was present to give awards to the winners on their astounding performance. The judging was done by the members of IMechE NED team.

The winner of the bottle rocket competition was Team Superlative. The runner up of the bottle rocket competition was Team Mechies.

The winner of the Bridge Building Competition was Team Ricardo. The runner up of the Bridge Building Competition was Team Snowman.

In the present era, where the whole world is engaged in a race to win, to conquer and to explore, such events help the students think out of the box. There will be many people holding a bachelor’s degree, these events distinguish the participants from the rest. Their creative thinking is enhanced, they make prototypes of devices, and improve their engineering skills. 

Written By: Mr. 
Hafiz Muhammad Sajid Iqbal (NED Karachi)


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