Welcome to the Sri Lanka Group

The Sri Lanka Group came into existence as a formal structure due to the initiative of a body of senior local IMECHE members in 1997. The group is a Washington accord signatory.The group has since grown both in size and its range of activities which are tailored to improve bonding and exchange ideas among the local membership together with facilitating transfer of knowledge and updating member on the new emerging technologies from around the world. A band of volunteers with a representative demographic spread dedicates its time and energy to the activities of the group and key to its focus are the following activities.


1. CPD Activity

The group regularly arranges visits to manufacturing industries and other engineering services organizations to familiarize members with the state of play in the local engineering and manufacturing sector.

Seminars, lectures are presented at regular intervals to update members on current technology and new technology updates from overseas.


2. University - Industry Interaction

The group also validates some of its networking activities by promoting close interaction with the Engineering faculties of the prominent three universities in SL


3. Membership Development

The SL group currently has a membership close to 375 and the goal is to increase membership levels to 500 within a short time span of where at least 200 would be paying members.

It is the belief of the Group that our student’s chapters will form the nursery for organic growth of IMECHE in Sri Lanka.


Further information of our activities and plans for the future could be viewed in our other pages and the face book page (https://www.facebook.com/ImecheSriLanka).


The Sri Lanka Group also maintains close links with the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka and a majority of SL group members are also members of IESL.

You can also obtain any further information from:





Lucien Pereira

Chair, Sri Lanka Branch

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