Speak Out for Engineering (Local) NED University 2019

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Competition event
21 November 2019 09:00 - 17:00
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The report summarizes this year's event, Speak Out for Engineering, that took place on 21st November, 2019. Engineers from different fields of engineering participated in the event and expressed their ideas.


Speak Out For Engineering (SOfE) is an annual presentation competition for IMechE young members. You get the opportunity to present on a technical topic of your choice in front of a panel of judges who assess the entries and provide feedback. The aim of the competition is to develop your presentation/communication skills and be able to deliver a technical presentation to a primarily non-technical audience.  

Event Opening

The event started at 1000 hours at Mechanical AV Hall. It begins with the recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran. After completion of the recitation, the event was led by National Anthem to motivate the students and to boost them for giving their best.

The event officially started with the students’ presentations.


A total of 15 students participated in this fruitful event with different topics that included Buoyancy Lift, Hydrogen Generator and Fly Wheel etc.


The panel of the judges included:

  1. Mr. Noman Rauf
  2. Mr. Asad Akhtar
  3. Ms. Asmara Shafqat
  4. Ms. Maheen Tufail Dehraj

Closing Ceremony

A very informative session ended when judges finalized their results. Along with all the judges, Mr. Tariq Jameel (Faculty Advisor) and Mr. Hassan Moazzam (Student Chair) were present to distribute the award for the winners and certificate of participation to the remaining participants.

SOfE (Local) closed with nominating some special students for SOfE South, the students with their topics were:

Mr. Abdullah Masood: Wind Power

Mr. Ali Asghar: Flywheel Technology

Mr. Saad: Quadcopter

Need for Such Events

Pakistan is a developing country and consists of a huge number of youngsters who have brilliant ideas in their minds but cannot express themselves because they can’t find a platform. SOfE is the platform for young engineers to express their ideas to the world, hence this event encourages an engineer to integrate his/her idea into reality.

Written By: Mr. Haider Ali Shaikh (NED University, Karachi)


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