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Technical lecture
19 February 2024 17:00 - 19:00
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Aspiring young engineers describe the technical challenges they have addressed in a presentation competition. The competition will commence at 17.30. After announcing the winner we invite you to join us at the 'Glue Pot'. 

Prabuddha Barange (Siemens) – Decarbonising high speed railways: a renewable energy approach

My presentation will delve into the imperative of decarbonizing high-speed railways. I will explain the integration of renewable energy sources for traction power supply, discussing energy demand, resource availability, and storage solutions, emphasizing the importance of reducing CO2 emissions.


David Hangya (Siemens) – How can we use software and graduates in 21st century signalling

A discussion about how we can utilise a new workforce and new technologies to change the way we engineer our railways.


Patrick Eacott (Hitachi) – Using digital inspection technology in maintenance

This presentation is an insight into infrastructure inspection technology Hitachi Rail is currently developing to reduce maintenance costs and continue to deliver a safe and high performing product.


Nick Miljkovic (Angel) – Using rapid 3D capture to support condition reports

My presentation will explore innovative solutions adopted in other industries and how I am integrating Matterport into our business using models to support a C6 review, discussions of driver visibility, training, communication of corrosion management, technical queries for re-leasing, project management with external suppliers.


Prabuddha Barange (Siemens) David Hangya (Siemens) Patrick Eacott (Hitachi) Nick Miljkovic (Angel)


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