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Welcome to the European Region

International Region Elections 2022

The results of the 2022 elections for the positions of Chair and Young Member Representative for the European Region are:

Chair Europe:  Daniel Fantoni
Europe YMR:   Mahendra Prabhu Subramani

European Region 

Chair - Daniel Fantoni

Contact Email:

Policy Statement


Regional Young Member Representative - Mahendra Prabhu Subramani

 Mahendra Prabhu SUBRAMANI

Contact Email:

Policy Statement

If you are a young member in the Europe region and wish to be involved or learn more, do not hesitate to contact Prabhu on the "contact us" page.

We represent over 5000 Institution members across Europe, providing support and putting you in touch with what you need from the Institution.

We also work with other engineering institutions to raise the profile of engineering in this region – have a look at our events page for more details.

If you do not see your location listed and would like to arrange future events locally or to get involved as a volunteer, please contact the regional chair


Current and Future Events

Please click the event heading for further information.
  • Event Type: Official visit
    07 February 2023 18:30 to 20:00
    Engineers Ireland Headquarters - Dublin
    IMechE Railway Chairs Address 2022. After a number of years break, Noel Travers will give the Railways Chairs Address
    Industry: Railway
  • Event Type: Technical visit
    24 February 2023 09:00 to 11:00
    TV3 - Televisió de Catalunya - Barcelona
    The IET has invited the IMechE Members to a 90 minutes visit to the new Control Room of 324 News Channel and the full workflow for Ingest, edition, metadata management, broadcasting and publishing in IP of audio visual products.
    Industry: Telecommunications, communications & IT
  • Event Type: Careers & education
    22 March 2023 09:00 to 17:00
    Escuela Superior de Ingeniería de Sevilla - Sevilla
    The aim of this event is to bring together companies that are looking for qualified professionals with students, who will soon be joining the labour market, and to bring together companies as an employment option for these students.
    Industry: Cross-sector
  • Event Type: Committee meeting or AGM
    13 April 2023 18:00 to 20:00
    Video Conference
    Annual General Meeting were new Committee Members will be elected for the available positions.
    Industry: Cross-sector
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