IMechE Agreement with Belgium Society

An agreement of co-operation between the IMechE and the Belgian Society of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering (BSMEE) was signed in February 1998 during the Benelux visit of our President Professor John Spence.

The agreement provides the members of the two societies with certain reciprocal privileges of membership such as participation in the other societies meetings and the purchase of its publications at member rates. It also provides for the publication of news of mutual interest and forthcoming activities in the two societies journals. The BSMEE is a society of about 750 members. It was started after the second world war as the Societe Belge des Mechaniciens (SBM) and adopted an anglicised name a few years ago.

English is used normally in its conferences and journals. The incumbent President is Professor Yvan Baudoin of l'Ecole Royale Militaire.

IMechE Agreement of Cooperation with Netherlands engineering institution

IMechE has an Agreement of Cooperation (AOC) with the KIVI-NIRIA multi-discipline engineering institution (The Royal Institution of Engineers in the Netherlands). This AOC was re-signed on 2 March 2005 for a period of 5 years.  In 2011, the agreement was reviewed and renewed.  A letter of confirmation was sent to KIVI-NIRIA by the President of the IMechE Prof Rod Smith.  The agreement allows IMechE members to participate in KIVI-NIRIA events at the same cost as KIVI-NIRIA members.


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A joint Agreement of Cooperation between IMechE and KIVI-NIRIA has been in operation for several years. It is a multi-discipline engineering institution. Membership requirement is either an Ir. title from one of the Netherlands technical universities or an Ing. title from one of the Netherlands polytechnics. In 2005 there are approximately 28000 members. There are discipline Divisions and Regional groups for members.About 600 events are organised each year. The magazine 'De Ingenieur' is published regularly by KIVI-NIRIA. Through the AOC, IMechE members may attend KIVI-NIRIA activities for the same cost as KIVI-NIRIA members and use membership facilities at its head office. Most of the events and activities of KIVI-NIRIA take place using the Dutch language.

IMechE Benelux Branch Committee takes part in joint event planning with the KIVI-NIRIA mechanical engineering division (Werktuigbouwkunde Sectie).

IMechE Benelux Branch 'focal point for contact with KIVI-NIRIA is Ken Elvery (tel: 078-6390385 or e-mail

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