Welcome to the Greece Group

The Institution counts around 320 members located in Greece, supported by a recently-formed group which meets regularly.

The main aims and goals for the Institution's Greece group are:

  • Increase the added value to the members based in Greece.
  • Organise technical visits and networking/social events.
  • Provide support for mentoring and professional reviews in country.
  • Spread the word about engineering to schools and universities; inform, encourage and inspire the future engineering generation.
  • Forge links with Greek universities and higher educational institutions.
  • Promote the Formula Student competition to the Greek universities and institutions

All the above objectives, may be accomplished only through the active support and participation of the membership based in Greece

If you are an existing member of the Institution based in Greece, or have recently moved to Greece, or currently reside in Greece and are considering joining the Institution, we would certainly like to hear from you.

Get in touch. Details for the group are shown on the contact page.



Read the constitution of the branch for more information about the background of IMechE in Greece.

Events archive

Past committees

The founding committee of the branch.

Current and Future Events

Looking for an event nearby? If there are no events indicated contact your local representative to exchange your ideas for forthcoming activity.

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