A2A Waste to Energy plant in Brescia

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Technical Visit
26 November 2011 09:30 - 15:00
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Mr. Orlando Vincenzi (vice-director of the plant) took us through all the different sectors of the plant.

Mr. Vincenzi had been for many years of his career in the power generation sector and has been involved in the Brescia co-generation project from its inception. We had the chance to have full overview of the plant, the history of its creation with comment about the political and social discussions that brought the local public administration to decide for this investment.  He described how the plant is integrated with the older power plants in Brescia and with the piping network that supplies about the 75% of the heat required during winter season by Brescia city.

In the tour he explained and discussed the reasons for adopting a specific technical solution (for instance: use of a dry system for exhausts treatment, system management).

During the visit, we also had an interesting discussion with operators that managed the startup of the Waste to Energy plant in Acerra. The Acerra plant has recently been the focus of many political and social issues related to the waste crisis in Naples area. We were pleased to know now that plant is working regularly, despite what we read in the Italian press.

We were all very impressed by this kind of technology that has proven to be a very good solution for waste disposal, especially when integrated with a well structure system for differentiated waste collection.

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A2A plant, Brescia, IT.Aerial view

A2A plant, Brescia, IT, Control Room


A2A Waste to Energy
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