Professional Titles

In Italy the Profession of Engineers is overseen at a national level by the Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri (CNI – National Council of Engineers).  It operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice.

Provincial Orders manage the professional register at a more local level.  Since 2001 the register of Professional Engineers has been divided into sectors based and academic and state exam disciplines.

This structure has primarily a formal legislative and disciplinary role.

Titles – a bit of confusion

Prior to 2001 academic degree title of Dott. Ing. Was granted after a nominally 5 year degree.  Now the academic degree title of Dott. Ing. is granted after a 3 year first degree, and after another 2 years of study it becomes Dott. (without the Ing).  After the state engineering exam, which gives admission to the register of engineers, the title becomes Ing.  Many engineers don’t take the exam or pay subscriptions, and so are not registered engineers, but misappropriate the title Ing. anyway (since they are either Dott. Ing. or Dott. officially).

Recognition of Non Italian Professional Titles

This issue of recognition does not arise for a Mechanical Engineer in a private sector company, where official titles are not a requirement.  However in the public sector this may be a problem.

Non Italian qualifications and academic titles are not recognised automatically in Italy, but procedures are in place to enable their recognition, even if these can be quite complex and dissuasive.

The recognition of Professional qualifications from EU countries is covered by EU Law.  In Italy the procedure is overseen by the Italian Ministry of Justice. The end result is the recognition of the non Italian title, permitting enrolment in the Italian registry of engineers.


The Eur Ing title is not recognised legally in Italy because FEANI is considered a “Private Association” (Associazione di diritto private), even if Italy is a member country of FEANI.

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