Welcome to the Scandinavia Group

Formation of the Scandinavia Group

On the 25th May 2016, International Strategy Board formally approved the formation of the new Scandinavia Group of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Aims, Activities, Geographical boundaries:

The aim of the Scandinavia Group is to promote engineering within Scandinavia by:

  1. Supporting and encouraging student members Scandinavia
  2. Providing mentors and sponsors for young members resident in Scandinavia who are planning their progression to Chartered status
  3. Organising assessment panels for members resident in Scandinavia who are seeking to become Members or Fellows of the IMechE.
  4. Organising Technical visits to sites of interest
  5. Organising lectures and symposiums
  6. Organising presentations where appropriate at Scandinavian Technical Universities and other similar institutions
  7. Cooperating with Scandinavia Branches or bodies having similar aims such as the I.E.T., I.C.E., SI, DIS and Tekna. (Associations of Swedish, Danish and Norwegian Engineers)
  8. Holding such self-financing social events as shall encourage and motivate the involvement of members resident in Scandinavia
  9. Liaising and cooperating with Groups and Members of the IMechE. in neighbouring countries including the Nordic countries Iceland and Finland.

Plans for Membership Growth and retention

Growth will be facilitated by having committee members in each of the main industrial areas of Scandinavia (i.e. in Sweden/Gotenberg, Denmark/Copenhagen, Norway Oslo and Stavanger) who will provide a local contact point for current and new members.  Through our activities we hope to increase the perceived benefit of membership to our members and encourage increasing numbers to become actively involved and, in turn to help recruit others to membership and/or more active involvement.

Technical and Professional Development Activities

As well as ongoing PRI interviews and Mentoring, in the first year of activity we aim to have at least three or four site visits organised by the local Panels (one in each area). In the future we hope to increase this to two events in each year in each of the main areas mentioned above. Initially it is envisaged for such events to be largely sponsored by the host organisations.

We are also offering to host the 2016 Europe Regional Meeting in Oslo in August.   

The geographical spread of the committee (necessary to achieve our aims) makes it advisable for many of our meetings to take the form of a telephone conferences. 

We currently have around 400 members in Scandinavia and the tables below summarises who and where the members are:

Overview of Scandinavian Membership:


If you require further information, please click here to contact members of the Group.

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