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On September 18, 2014 a joint Mechanical Engineering Networking Event was held between IMechE and the Association of Professional Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago’s (APETT) Mechanical Division. Held at the University of the West Indies (UWI) University Conference Centre, the event is expected to be the first of such joint events between both institutions. The main theme of the event was for professionals and students of the mechanical engineering discipline to meet, network, and have some fun. The secondary theme was to raise awareness of the attendees to the need to be part of the IMechE and APETT fraternity. There were approximately 180 attendees that comprised of recent graduates, current students, and professionals from various industries. Attendees also had the opportunity to register with APETT and IMechE.

The event was hosted by IMechE committee members Samantha Deoraj and Safiya Koo. Mr. Deepak Lall (IMechE Caribbean Representative) spoke on behalf of Dr. Anthony Green (IMechE Americas Region Chair). Mr Lall delivered an informative presentation which introduced IMechE to the audience along with the different membership levels.

The Networking Event was not only structured to provide the audience with information regarding the two engineering organizations but was also held as a fun interactive session between students and professionals from the industry. The interactive session consisted of a brief presentation that each table of up to 8 attendees had to deliver after 10 minutes of preparation. The intent of this session was to foster teamwork and stimulate the audience’s mind with regard to issues related to mechanical engineering in the Caribbean region. It also was an attempt to demonstrate the importance of engineers and the need for sustainability in all projects they may be involved in. The entire event was very successful especially in terms of attendance and promoting the engineering organizations. This is one of the first milestones set out by the joint APETT/IMechE collaboration. There will be more collaborative efforts to come from the two organizations.

Frenzy during the student competition. Photo courtesy of Keyon Mitchell. APETT Mechanical Division, IMechE UWI student chapter, and proposed IMechE pan-Caribbean group committee members and volunteers that prepared for and assisted on the day of the event. Photo courtesy of Keyon Mitchell.


The IMechE UWI Student Chapter hosted on February 26th 2015 a Student/Staff Appreciation Day. This will hopefully be a recurring annual event in the department. The purpose of the event was to recognize and honor the many individuals of the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the UWI who contribute to the development of the students who attend.

The event was attended by teaching, administrative, technical staff as well as students of the department. It commenced with an address by the Head of the Department, Professor Edwin Ekwue who expressed his gratitude to his staff for their work and thanked all for attending the inaugural event. He especially commended the IMechE UWI Student Chapter for planning, organising and hosting the event. This was followed by brief speeches about every single member of the teaching staff. These were delivered by students and proved to be a lively segment as many lecturers seemed to be entertained by the students’ perspectives of them and the courses that they teach.

Certificates were then distributed to every member of staff while tokens were given to the members of the Engineering Students Society (ESS) and the representative for each class. Special awards were also presented to individuals who were deemed to have made memorable impacts on the students. The winners of these awards were chosen by a voting process which had been conducted previously. These special categories included Most Outstanding Lecturer, Most Helpful Technical Staff, Most Helpful Student and Most Humorous Student. A special award was also presented to Mr. Albert Tom Pak for his long service.
There was also a showcase of talents in the form of live entertainment which was provided by mechanical engineering students, Ezekiel Yorke and Alexander Mack. Ezekiel, Secretary of the IMechE UWI Student Chapter, delivered his social commentary calypso “Equality” which earned him third place in the Trinidad and Tobago 2015 Young King Calypso Monarch Competition. Alexander, together with his group “Good Vibes” serenaded the audience with popular tunes while strumming his guitar. Attendees reported having enjoyed the event with everyone looking forward to the next installment in 2016.

Article Author: Safiya Koo

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