University of West Indies Student Chapter

On February 20th 2014, the University of the West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine campus in Trinidad and Tobago celebrated the establishment of an official Student Chapter of the IMechE. The student chapter formation was guided by IMechE Caribbean Representatives Mr Deepak Lall and Dr. Chris Maharaj. The group was formally launched when it teamed up with the local student branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) to host a technical seminar. Held at the UWI’s Faculty of Engineering, the event was attended by the university’s lecturers and over 100 students in the mechanical and electrical disciplines.
Since then, the Chapter has been intimately involved in numerous activities including a Mechanical Engineering Networking event that had 180 student and professional participants, a technical seminar on the Responsibilities of an Engineering Manager, and a UWI Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Student/Staff Appreciation day.
2017/2018 Committee
Chair: Daniel Rosan
Vice chair: Joshua Deonarinesingh
Secretary: Kezia Prescott
Treasurer: Tre Mason
PRO: Jonathan Wong
Web officer: Renaldo Campbell
Year 1 Representative: Triston Flemming
Year 2 Representative: Ryan Anand
Year 3 Representative: Jaya Singh

2016/2017 Committee
Chair: Cherissee Baldeo
Vice Chair: Justin Gajadhar
Secretary: Kavir Ramdass
Treasurer: Kristy Lall
Public Relations Officer: Resha Mohammed
Newsletter Editor: Shreedevi Sahadeo
Events Coordinator: Vandana Balbadar
Website Officer: Daniel Rosan
Year 2 Representative: Cherish Jankie

2015/2016 Committee
Chair: Adriana Khudan followed by Leanda Bidaisee
Vice Chair: Oshea Guerra
Secretary: Ezekiel Yorke
Treasurer: Yvan Dass
Event Coordinator: Shreedevi Sahadeo
Public Relations Officer: Russel Ragoonanan
Website Officer: Areo Hosein
Newsletter Editor: Adriana Khudan
Year 2 Representative: Ve Shan Dass
Year 3 Representative: Shane Sudama
2014/2015 Committee
Chair: Dayashankar Maharaj followed by Adriana Khudan,
Vice Chair: Maria Suraj,
Secretary: Ezekiel Yorke, 
Treasurer: Oshea Guerra,
Event Coordinator: Leanda Bidaisee,
Public Relations Officer: Safiya Koo,
Website Officer: Ezekiel Yourke,
Year 1 Representative: Justin Gajadhar, 
Year 2 Representative: Kevin Gangadeen,
Year 3 Representative: Dillon Ramoutar

2013/2014 Committee
Chair: Nicholas Haskell,
Vice Chair: Faheema Baksh, 
Secretary: Samantha Deoraj,
Treasurer: Randall Sandiford, 
Event Coordinator: Dayashankar Maharaj, 
Public Relations Officer: Safiya Koo, 
Website Officer: Quin Bess, 
Year 1 Representative: Maria Suraj,
Year 2 Representative: Leanda Bidaisee

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