Dear South Essex Area Member,
Welcome to our 2020-2021 session, starting on 7th October 2020 with a fantastic lecture on Quantum Computing. After this, if our hosts are happy to talk to us online, we plan to present online the topics of zero carbon energy, fire safety, wind tunnel simulations and the development of the Airbus A350 aircraft. Zoom links for the talks will be published shortly before each one. 
Your committee has volunteered, as always, to arrange an informative season of lectures to complement the Automotive Division Essex Centre’s (ADEC) programme. At the end of each one you can raise questions to the speakers using the Zoom chat function. This year, we are going to experiment with recording lectures, where there is speaker permission to do so. These events are complementary to the Automotive Division Essex Centre’s (ADEC) programme and free to attend for both IMechE members and their guests.
The site will show an overall plan for the year whilst will give more details on each event, with the option to add them to your calendar, after reading a synopsis to find out more about each one.
Yours sincerely,
Kenan Sager, CEng, FIMechE ACGI
South Essex Area, Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Event Date and Location

Event Title

7th October 2020
Lecture 1 – SEA Joint with CSES/IET/ADEC
Zoom Call 7.30pm start

Quantum Computing – Richard Murray
CEO of Orcacomputing

18th November 2020
Lecture 2 – SEA Joint with CSES/IET
Zoom Call 7.30pm start

Wind Turbine – Siemens Gamesa

25th November 2020
Lecture 3 – SEA Joint with CSES/IET/ADEC
Zoom Call 7.30pm start

Shetland Zero Carbon (Hydrogen and electric) – Brian Cumming (POSTPONED)

2nd December 2020
Lecture 4 – SEA Joint with CSES/IET/ADEC
Zoom Call 7.20pm start

STEAM LOCOMOTIVE: New Build Project - LNER Class B17 4-6-0 “Spirit of Sandringham”

10th March 2021
Lecture 8 – SEA

Zoom Call 7.30pm start

Fukushima at 10: What happened, and the real lessons learned for Energy Policy - Gordon Taylor

5th May 2021
Event 10 - TBD

Annual event – ADEC / SEA

6th May 2021
Lecture 9 – SEA Joint with CSES/IET/ADEC Zoom Call 7.30pm start

Fusion Future: The Sun's Power on Earth
Dr Melanie Windridge - Tokamak Energy Ltd. Talk chaired by Professor Richard Folkson

9th June 2021
Lecture 10
Zoom Call 7:30pm start 

Gordon Taylor M.I.Mech.E. - G T Systems

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