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Technical lecture
29 May 2019 18:00 - 20:30
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The Open Rotor is a revolutionary new
engine architecture designed to power
upcoming generations of short-haul
commercial jets. Utilizing a set of
unducted, contra-rotating rotors to
achieve a very high bypass ratio and
associated propulsive efficiency, the
modern Open Rotor aims to reduced
fuel consumption and C02 emission by
about 30%.

This magnitude of improvement does not come
without its challenges. Similar concepts in the
'80s suffered from high noise levels and
unwanted vibrations. These vibrations are
driven by fluid-structure interaction and, under
unfavourable circumstances, can lead to com-
ponent and consequently engine failure.
Research at Imperial College used computa-
tional simulations to model, predict and under-
stand the origin of these vibrations and develop
possible mitigation measures. This presenta-
tion will consider the challenges facing modern
open rotor designs, discuss how they are being
overcome and provide insights into the role of
numerical simulations in the analysis and
design of future propulsion systems.


Dr Sina Stapelfeldt is a member of the Rolls-Royce Vibration University Technology Centre. Her research focus is on aeroelasticity and unsteady flows in turbomachines. In particular, she is working on improving the modelling tools to predict self-excited and forced vibrations in aero-engines.


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