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"To support the needs of the Staffordshire Area membership and promote and raise awareness of Mechanical Engineering in Staffordshire"



Welcome to the Staffordshire Area of the IMechE. You will find information regarding our events - lectures, visits, etc, here.  The committee members and I look forward to meeting you.  Reports on previous lectures can be found here. Please also don't hesitate to contact me regarding membership requirements, areas where you feel that the IMechE may be able to help you or comments that you may have regarding mechanical engineering, or the IMechE, in general.

Please note, lectures organised by the Burton Engineering Society (http://www.burton-eng.co.uk/) and Stoke-on-Trent Association of Engineers (https://sotaoe.webs.com/) are free to attend for Staffordshire Area Members.

Staffordshire Area AGM Election Results 12th May 2021

Appoint Simon Arnold to the position of Chair
8 Votes
For            87.5%
Against    0%
Abstain    12.5%
Appoint Marian Sprinceana to the position of Vice Chair
8 Votes
For           100%
Against    0%
Abstain    0%
Appoint Sarah Morris to the position of Honorary Secretary
8 Votes
For           100%
Against    0%
Abstain    0%
Appoint Ian Moore to the position of Honorary Treasurer
10 Votes
For            90%
Against    0%
Abstain    10%
The full list of the Staffordshire Area Committee Members follows.
Simon Arnold
Marian Sprinceana
Sarah Morris
Ian Moore
John Simpson
Gareth Hancox
Rod Dawes
Andrew Parker
Adam Vincent
David White
Malcolm Robins
John Banks
Simon Groom
Charles Conroy
Phil Brocklehurst
Craig Logan

 We also have a Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/IMechEStaffsArea

Simon Arnold, Staffordshire Area Chairperson



Current and Future Events

Looking for an event nearby? If there are no events indicated contact your local representative to exchange your ideas for forthcoming activity.

Please click the event heading for further information.
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