Engineering Your Future - Life after university

Utilising the IMechE to progress your career in 2021

Gain insights from IMechE members on how membership, professional registration and being part of a Professional Engineering Institution has contributed to their career development. Our panellists will give their point of view from the perspective of a hiring manager, a student, graduate as well as mid-career and senior engineers. They will explain how using the IMechE resources, networking, awards and titles can contribute to the progression of professional life as an engineer, enabling you to take away some top tips as you progress your career in 2021.

Developing Engineers Programme: Achieving Professional Registration

The Developing Engineers Programme is available to Associate Members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. It is designed to support the goal of achieving professional registration – the globally-recognised gold standard for engineers. Jade Abbott, Global Account Manager at the Institution talks about achieving professional registration and how it can help engineers advance in their careers.

Claire Maycock, Business Development Manager, talks about professional registration

Professional registration is the mechanical engineering industry's gold standard. By becoming an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer, you'll gain an accreditation that's internationally recognised -- and you'll receive support and opportunities for training and development throughout your career. Here, Claire Maycock, IMechE Business Development Manager, talks more about professional registration.

Ask the Industry Forum Trends and Developments in the Aerospace Industry 2020

Excellent Panel discussion with an informed senior panel

What Makes a Good Process?

This presentation was delivered by Alex Campbell, a Practitioner at the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) based in the North-East of Scotland. SMAS works with companies of all sizes and across numerous industries to support improvements in productivity, culture and behaviours. The presentation looks at the principles of what makes and enables a good process. During the session Alex will give real-life examples of what he has seen and experienced within SMAS and in his engineering career prior to becoming a practitioner. The presentation covers the voice of the customer (internal and external), flow of material and information, theory of constraints, non-value adding time (including examples of what engineers are often guilty of), workplace organisation and continuous improvement. To sustain success, underlaying all of this, is the vision, infrastructure, technologies and, most importantly, the people. The key takeaways are the importance of people engagement, how process improvements can often be made with minimal investment and how to ensure that changes are sustained.

UCL Ventura: The Engineering Story

Organised by the Institution’s Greater London Region, hear insights on UCL's Ventura Project from Tim Baker at UCL, together with the technical details about the Mark II device, which has received MHRA regulatory approval A collaboration between UCL, UCH and Mercedes-AMG HPP, engineers worked round-the-clock to reverse engineer a ventilator device for COVID-19 patients that could be manufactured rapidly by the thousand. The results of this joint project are already making a big impact. UCLH critical care consultant Professor Mervyn Singer (UCL Medicine) said: “In the past few weeks we have seen the UCL-Ventura help dozens of patients with Covid-19 breathe more easily.”

The Hawksley Lecture 2016 Driving the future of personal mobility

The Hawksley lecture presented by Paul Mascarenas, President and Chairman of Executive Board, FISITA.

Engineering insights: Railway industry

On a graduate scheme for London Underground, Arno Bajon has been working on a wide variety of railway projects, from signalling to maintenance of train tracks. He describes the benefits of a career in the railways, and explains how to get ahead in the sector, from the first year of a mechanical engineering degree right through to professional life as a member of IMechE.

Caterham Group's advice to Engineering students

Mike Gascoyne, longstanding designer of Formula One cars and the Chief Technical Officer of the Caterham Group, gives his advice to graduates looking to make it in F1.

Community Energy – Will It Play A Significant Part On The Future Of Our Energy System?

Led by André Pinho, Founder of CoEnergy, this webinar will address the push for communities to own and manage their own energy systems. Listen to hear how the engineering and policy challenges are being addressed and overcome, exemplified by examples of projects currently taking place in the UK. Finally, IMechE Engineering Policy Advisor Matt Rooney will present the findings of the Institution's recent Renewable Power Committee and Energy Energy, Environment & Sustainability Group joint workshop and the conclusion/proposal of the report created by the IMechE. This is a recording of a webinar that took place on 24 October 2019.

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