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Engineering Mathematics, Mechanics and Structures

Engineer profile: Alice Younge, Medicine & Health

Alice Younge, PhD student at Imperial College London, talks about her research in biomechanical engineering. Alice Younge is a 25 year old mechanical engineer studying a PhD in Medical Engineering at Imperial College London. Specifically, Alice is conducting research into hip replacement therapies, finding out how to improve the quality of the hip implants that so many people rely on, and to ensure that the trauma that patients experience is kept to a minimum. Alice describes how her research into medical engineering has allowed her to marry her passion for engineering with a desire to help improve people's lives. She also explains how she was inspired by her love of the humble bicycle!


Integration of the Engine into Aircraft Wings

A spicific class of design problem

What Makes a Good Process?

This presentation was delivered by Alex Campbell, a Practitioner at the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) based in the North-East of Scotland. SMAS works with companies of all sizes and across numerous industries to support improvements in productivity, culture and behaviours. The presentation looks at the principles of what makes and enables a good process. During the session Alex will give real-life examples of what he has seen and experienced within SMAS and in his engineering career prior to becoming a practitioner. The presentation covers the voice of the customer (internal and external), flow of material and information, theory of constraints, non-value adding time (including examples of what engineers are often guilty of), workplace organisation and continuous improvement. To sustain success, underlaying all of this, is the vision, infrastructure, technologies and, most importantly, the people. The key takeaways are the importance of people engagement, how process improvements can often be made with minimal investment and how to ensure that changes are sustained.

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