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Thermodynamics, Energy and Fluid Mechanics

How Can Waste Heat and Geofluids Heat Help Decarbonising the Oil and Gas Industry?

In this interactive webinar Laure Mora and colleagues joining live from the Climeon test facility in Sweden discuss harnessing waste heat from industrial processes and geothermal heat for energy generation.

Tidal Energy lecture

Dr George A Aggidis, Director of Lancaster University Renewable Energy Group & Fluid Machinery Group, discusses recent reports showing that tidal energy could become the major supplier of UK energy.



Integration of the Engine into Aircraft Wings

A specific class of design problem

How the public perceive shale gas

Mathew Humphy and professor Sarah O’Hara from the University of Nottingham talk through the results of the Nottingham UK shale gas survey.

Fracking will solve UK gas shortage

Ken Cronin, chief executive officer at UKOOG, explains that in 20 years 80% of the UK gas supply will be imported if we don't utilise shale gas supplies.

Is Shale Gas the answer to lasting UK power?

Tim Fox, head of Energy and Environment at IMechE explains the institution's position on shale gas exploration. He discusses why we need to consider Shale Gas as an energy supply for the future.

Water usage in fracking

Steve Thompsett, executive director, UKOOG gives an insight into the whole lifecycle process of water management within the hydraulic fracturing process.

Real world drag coefficient

Steve Windsor from Jaguar Land Rover asks if real world drag coefficient is wind averaged drag

An Introduction to Inlet Screen Design & Selection

Hear about best practice in inlet screen design and the latest innovations to make your inlet screens as efficient as possible. Discover more about our webinars and events at

Hidden manufacturing: Brewing

A passion for real ale is reviving British beer manufacturing. Here’s how engineering is enabling the industry to thrive.

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